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  • Joshua Skeels - Very nice cup, not so great lid and straw

    The cup itself is fantastic, high quality, and very insulating for cold water on my night stand all night. The lid is not insulated at all, and does not screw tight and seal fully, so do not expect to put this in a bag, and it will spill when my cat tips it over; it will spill even with the lid on. And I can't imagine some people like the metal straw, it is loud scraping the bottom, doesn't hold tightly in place by the lid, and doesn't feel good to put to your mouth. Overall I am happy enough to drink through the mouthpiece in the lid without the straw, but I would be happier with a better insulated and sealing lid and a plastic straw.

  • Ginny - Unfit Mom of Seven, with no time to exercise......

    I've only been using T25 for 5 days. I am not affiliated with the Beachbody company at all. Over the last four and a half months I have lost 87 pounds and then I GOT STUCK. The scale would not budge. My 19 year old daughter begged me to buy this program and the fist workout, Cardio 1.0, completely kicked our butts, and I was hooked! I have lost 7 pounds over the last 5 days, the scale is moving again.

  • S. Musselman - OMG IT WORKS!!! I wish I had taken before and after pics!

    I am 30 years old and continually surprise people because they think I'm early 20s. I've used retinoid creams since I was 22. Over the years I tried a lot of other retinoid creams at a variety of price ranges, but I always kept coming back to my go-to product. Nothing worked better. Until Neutrogena Rapid Wrinkle Repair, that is.

  • Tanya Ireland - Compac and, easy to use. Love the touch screen and night vision.

    I use my phone a lot for recording video but run my battery down and have to recharge often. That's kind of wears down my phone battery and also my USB port on my phone. I decided I needed something different I can use on videos so I'm not always running down my phone. I thought I would give this camera a try since I like the different features. This is the smallest video camera I have ever had. There are several things I love about this camera. If you are up early enough at Daybreak you might get the chance to capture a nice photo of some big Wildlife we have in the area. With the night vision I was able to capture photos and some dark rooms that I needed to get some photos taken in since we don't have power.

  • Patrick McHugh - Okay, but not great. A way to learn gaming games, but with serious flaws.

    I use this software to play Blackjack and Craps. I can tell you with one hundred percent authority and accuracy that the Craps game is not a fair/honest game. The computer simulation is programmed to work against you if you bet outside of certain parameters. As example, I can begin a betting sequence and with one hundred percent accuracy I can force the program to have me lose on a specific role of the dice. What this means is that when playing craps you are not only playing against the natural and inherent odds within the game but also you are playing against some sort of computer programming that is tracking your betting methodology and controlling the role of the dice to assure you don't wager out of certain parameters. This Craps game provides the perfect example of why no one should ever play an online's Craps game unless the gambler just wants to give his money away. I have written to the product development team and lodged my complaint, but they have never responded. It would be a great craps game if they didn't mess with the programming to give the house a higher odds than what a craps game would normally have. I do not play any games other than Blackjack and Craps, but I would not be surprised if some of the other games were also manipulated by programming to increase house odds.

  • MIGUEL A RODRIGUEZ - I am a Senior (85 of age). When I ...

    I am a Senior (85 of age). When I purchased this item I did it because since I do not drive I have to make all my purchases online. My experience is that the product does not work as advertised. I do not return the product because it is more difficult and less expensive to return it. Anyway, this is the only time I have experienced this.