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  • CATHERINE SHOEBRIDGE - What have you done to your face look how nice your skin abd your pores

    I live my Face FX! Within 2 weeks my 35 year old daughter said "what have you done? Did you do something to your hair? No it's your face mom! What have you done to your face look how nice your skin abd your pores, they're so tight and they're smaller than mine!

  • Amie - Worked! For excema!!

    Worked Great for my sons Excema! We looked for 15 years to find something healthy and natural to use that worked and finally did! However it's illegal to sell Plexus anywhere but as an official Plexus Ambassador and the cost is much less if you buy from one but either way product is great for excema and still waiting for better results with stretch marks I feel they have been lessened a little but not yet having results I was hoping for but the excema results made it worth every penny! :)

  • servant_sears - some of the earlier candles were better, the pin up isn't timeless and the sex ...

    some of the earlier candles were better, the pin up isn't timeless and the sex is amped up, but it did fit in with this season on tv.

  • LaVonda - NO NO! it isn't

    This is a great shaver. If you are expecting a NO NO! knock off, this isn't it. But if you want a get rid of facial hair without pain, this will do the trick. You really only have to use the first attachment once because the other head is for stubble and a 1 minute gets rid of that. So far I really like it.

  • Eva Graham - It feels like I'm walking bare foot

    Went by previous reviews, so I ordered a 1/2 size larger. A cute shoe, but I'm not excited by cushioning. It feels like I'm walking bare foot, not very comfortable. Seriously, Asics, you could have designed this better.

  • James W Odell - NO support.

    Can't connect to Steam and Ubisoft wont help either. I called the Rocksmith tech line. They said that there is nothing they will do. So, apparently, I bought a game that I can't use. Do not waste your money on a program that requires 3rd party interface/support.

  • Nicholas Wilson - Very handy wireless link from your smartphone or tablet to your car stereo.

    This is a great solution providing WIRELESS connections between your phone and car stereo. Just plug this device into your car's cig lighter, pair it to your phone with Bluetooth, select a free FM frequency on your car radio, then set the transmitter frequency to match, and you're done. It's not hard to set up the first time, and it's automatic after that. This device is multifunctional, providing good stereo music from your phone's music player to your car stereo, also able to play music from MP3 or other audio files on a micro SD card that you can plug into a side slot, and it is also a handsfree phone device that lets you answer or make a call from your phone with sound out through the car stereo and sound in through a built-in mic in this device. It also has a 2.1A USB charger port so you can plug in your phone or other device for charging. The center control knob allows you to adjust the playback volume by rotating the knob, and to pause or resume playback by pressing in on the knob. There are also buttons for next or previous track, and that works for phone supplied audio as well as tracks from the micro-SD card. There's also a standard 1/8" stereo AUX in jack where you can connect non-Bluetooth devices to play through the car stereo. The display screen shows the track info such as track title, album title and artist name, and when setting up the FM channel it displays the frequency you're setting the transmitter to.