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Lahey Health Behavioral Services, Essex County, Mass. - outpatient counseling, addiction treatment, family services, mobile crisis teams, inpatient psychiatric care, plus home and school-based programs for children and teens - Lahey Health Behavioral Services provide outpatient counseling, addiction treatment, family services, mobile crisis teams, inpatient psychiatric care, plus home and school-based programs for children and teens.

  • http://www.nebhealth.org/services/#Outpatient Our Services: Outpatient Counseling and Medication Clinics, Family, Youth and Children's Services, Emergency Psychiatric Services, Addiction Services, Inpatient Psychiatric Services, Employee Assistance Program (EAP) - Our menu of services shows the range and relevance of our various programs, from mental health counseling, to addiction treatment, to emergency psychiatric services.
  • http://www.nebhealth.org/about-lhbs/ Who We Are - Lahey Health Behavioral Services is a private, nonprofit agency that provides mental health counseling, addiction treatment and family and school-based services to residents in greater Boston, the North Shore and the Merrimack Valley, Massachusetts.
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  • http://www.nebhealth.org/careers/ Welcome to our Careers Page - As a leading provider of behavioral health services north of Boston, we know that the quality of our care and the success of our agency begin and end with our talented and compassionate staff. As you can see, we offer a wide range of clinical, administrative and leadership opportunities. You will find our recruitment process to be user-friendly and responsive, and we take the time to fully orient new staff to our agency and their new positions. Check out our current openings.

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  • Mark C. - the warrenty is NO good

    i had the vacuum for about 1 year. there is a little hose on the bottom of the vacuum that goes to the head of the vacuum. this cracked and tore shark refused to cover the part. I called many times and was told each time that any part that they choose not to make separate is NOT covered under their warranty. so another words it is a false warranty since what ever they want out of it they just will not make a part. also to note my mother shark did the same thing and also 3 other friends i know. it seems this is the #1 part to break on the vacuum and without it the vacuum is worthless. such a tiny part but very much required. I also files a complaint with BBB and they still refused to not resolve the issue and also my friends and mother files to the BBB and got no where. JUNK~ if you buy you will know what i mean when that little hose cracks on you!!!!

  • Amazon Customer - it is amazing. used it to do some mechanic work on ...

    for the price, it is amazing. used it to do some mechanic work on my car, 4 stars only because everyone is right it, it doesn't sit clean in the box by for that price i am ok with a little shuffling going on

  • Paul - knife wonder

    The Leatherman Crater c33Tx is a sturdy knife from the handle to the blade. The handle of the knife perfectly conceals the carbineer, star point and flat headed screwdrivers. Although the flat head screwdriver may be too well concealed in the side and can be really hard to pull out at times. As for the serrated blade, it is a well built and is exceptionally sturdy no matter what I cut; however, this review is only after two weeks of use so this is subject to change after more use.

  • M. Alfaro - great product

    I have been using this product for about 5 months for fungus problem on toenails, it was introduce to me by my sister. I started seeing a change in my nails within, I would say two weeks. This product really works but you have to have lots of patience and keep up with the regimen. I will say this, don't expect it to work the same way on you as it does for others, and also depends on how long you have had the problem. I have been reading how some people have been comparing the main ingredient (ethanoic acid a.k.a vinegar) to the vinegar that we can buy at grocery stores. The thing is that the vinegar used in nonyx (pH:~9)cannot be compared to common household vinegar(pH:~5). pH is very important for microorganisms and they can live in some pHs better then others. If the pH is too high or too low they might not grow/live as well. The pH is what really makes nonyx work better than common household vinegar, along with the xanthum gum that keeps the acid in place for a longer period of time...

  • Burn0u7 - awesome tech toy

    I bought 2 of these (one for me, one for my boss lol dont judge me :) so far, the ONLY complaint i have is the smartphone app and direct wifi. Here is why i have an issue... you MUST connect your phone to cozmo's direct wifi. when you are connected to him you have no wifi data for the internet. you MUST have the app up and focused. otherwise, he goes brainless and goes to sleep. Now, if the devs change that where the app can run in background, and have the ability to connect to your general wifi around the house or work that would be the best idea. My situation i have to decide play with cozmo, or let my phone connect to the web and the cell network (i have no cell signal inside the office but it uses wifi calling) so if i'm connected to cozmo i have no ability to receive calls, texts, etc. so that's my only complaint. otherwise, its a fun toy. its personality is unique and it is everything the marketing videos promise. Its kinda neat when cozmo looks at you and he says your name.

  • Gypsy82 - Artificial Sweetener Overload

    I have tried the Cake Batter and Vanilla flavor. The Cake Batter is unbearable in my opinion. It is way too sweet that it almost makes me sick after I drink it. I feel like any benefit I could get from the ingredients is cancelled out by the sweetness. Even though I didn't like the Cake Batter I thought I would give it another try with the Vanilla. It is also sweet but not as bad as the Cake Batter. However, after drinking both shakes I noticed a difference in how I felt and it wasn't good. It made me tired and after about only 30 minutes I felt like I was coming off of a sugar high. It also did nothing to curb hunger. You wouldn't drink a diet coke every day if you are trying to be healthy, right? This almost makes me feel like I am. I just think of all that artificial sweetener going into my body and making me sick. That is enough for me to not want to drink this stuff.