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    I would not go without this product. When I have a cold I use it around my nose and BREATHE FREELY. When I have a cut or abrassion it is so soothing. I probably have over 100 uses for this item and it has never ceased to amaze me on how well it works. I WOULD NOT GO WITHOUT IT IN MY MEDICINE CABINET. (also, I buy the little travel size and keep it in my purse) .....Really I don't leave home without it. Recommend highly!

  • Courtney - Awesome Product!

    My husband and I bought this product after it was not purchased off of our wedding registry. We LOVE it! It is so fast and blends perfectly! We use the single serve cups to make protein shakes in the morning and it literally takes 3-5 seconds to mix them. I've also used it to make mashed potatoes and cookie dough, which both turned out great! The only down-side is that it is very loud (my sister stayed at our house one night and asked me after she got up in the morning why my husband was using some kind of power tool so early, I explained it was the ninja) For us, the noise is worth the speed and power!

  • Great Santini - At long last- and better than imagined!

    I consider myself something of a weapons connoisseur. Some would even call me choosey. I was watching Iron Man 2 and was immediately captivated by one of the few weapons I don't have- the reactor-powered electic whip that Ivan Vanko wielded. You remember the scene during the Circuit de Monaco scene, when Vanko attacks Stark out of nowhere. He effortly sliced through cars, barriers, and some innocent bystanders (too graphic for the public release however).

  • CentralScrutinizer - Absolutely buy this AMAZING oil for clearer lungs

    I take a number of different products for keeping healthy but I have never had one make such a dramatic impact in such a short time...it has been simply astonishing.