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  • Susan A - I was happy to have it on hand though and think it ...

    I received a free sample of this product but didn't use it for a couple weeks. Then I strained my back lifting a 50 pound bag into my car and was in so much pain I thought I'd give it a try. I took some ibuprofen first, and had some relief from that, but was still experiencing quite a bit of pain. The Livrelief helped in addition to the ibuprofen, but neither completely took away the pain. I was happy to have it on hand though and think it was somewhat effective. I will probably get some more to have around in case something like this happens in the future. Unfortunately only time took the pain away completely and after 2 days I was fine again. I like the fact that LivRelief is natural and non-invasive will try it again. I assume it will work better for minor aches and pains, rather than the sharp, shooting pains I was experiencing.

  • Francisco Ramirez - Perfect!!!

    I so happy with this software.. this is my 3rd year doing from home.. i am very pleased.. I do my aunt as well.. and some friends.

  • Kate Farlow - 57 Stars, y'all!

    I adored this book, y'all. I really connected with Ryen and loved all of her flaws and quirks- she definitely made an interesting and unique heroine.