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Nikkora - SurgeryPRO is a non-chemical medical device company for people who are trying to prevent and heal from surgery. The dvtPRO xl, dvtPRO LT and InTone devices are the most popular.

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  • Donnamarie Arnold - I thought it was an app, but I called ...

    I thought it was an app, but I called Amazon and they were so kind to explain what an app is and why this is a book, not an app. But i kept it anyway, although i'm not actually using this digital NAB yet .... I just cant seem to get away from my old battered up marked up physical Book!

  • Amazon Customer - No results

    I see all these great and positive results others are posting but I have seen none. I used for a few months, 2 bottles, and pills. I don't understand what I'm doing differently.

  • Mary Hillmann - Not happy with it

    It doesn't seem to be as thick and elegant looking like the others I have purchaed before. Looks like it's a fake compared to the others.

  • Bobby - A gripping book from start to end

    Anyone that knows deep down that there is something wrong with the way this country is being run will certainly want to read this book. The logic and road map that the author presents is eye-opening and accurate. Be prepared to become more familiar with who our real enemy is and to also become more familiar with yourself.

  • JoeyBz - no chemical taste and great to quench thirst

    The flavoring on this is on point. just very refreshing, no chemical taste and great to quench thirst. I love taking amino's on fasted training and post workout for recovery. This is just a great fruit punch flavor with a solid profile that mixes easy with no floaters.

  • Mark S. Koehler - Horrid

    I bought this product directly from MAGIX and not via amazon, and am not at all impressed with it either on win XP or windows7. I normally run Linux and use the KINO editor which is no longer being updated, so thought I would try something for windows since their bundled Movie Maker & DVD maker software are really pitiful. But the MAGIX Movie Edit Pro 2013 produced more coasters than watchable DVDs in all my tests. I keep getting update notices from MAGIX for their new 2015 version, but won't get it unless somebody can tell me its 100% better than the 2013 version and worth spending the extra money..