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  • GF Baking - Not convinced these are better

    I'm a white middle aged male who is used to shaving almost every day. My whiskers are probably pretty normal. I've been used the Gilette Fusion for 10+ years and always upset by how expensive the replacement blades are. So I have been researching DSC and Dorco. I'm currently on my third week using the DORCO. I'm not 100% sure, but I'm probably going back to Gillette, for one many reason, the trimmer. The Dorco cartridge is much thicker so when you flip the razor over to use the trimmer it's really hard to get those little spots under the nose and I've now nicked myself three times with the trimmer and never with the Gillette. As for durability, it seems to me that DORCO blades last about a week before they get dull. I do make a point to dry the blades on a towel after every use.

  • Greg Scott - The install process is a nightmare

    This is painful. I've been an Office user since 1992 and I've probably installed copies of various versions of Office onto hundreds of PCs over the years. I am just now finishing up a torturous multi day effort trying to get Office 2013 Home and Business set up on 4 Dell Windows 7 PCs and this is, by far, the worst installation experience I've ever run across. Come on guys - Microsoft has been building Office versions for more than 20 years, surely this group of top engineers can figure out how to make an installation work! Or did all the seasoned programmers walk out the door with their stock options?

  • Kerri - Thank you!

    This summer my kids and I want to check out some world record stuff, they haven't left the book alone since we received it. It came in great condition wonderful safe packaging, which my kids also spent occupying themselves popping =) and on time, actually I think earlier than quoted. Fun info and book was in great condition.

  • Basso Continuo - works!

    After using this system for a week or two, there was noticeably less hair in my brush. Interesting, but nice, smell.

  • JustJeff - ARRIS SURFboard SBG6580 DOCSIS 3.0 Cable Modem

    ARRIS SURFboard SBG6580 DOCSIS 3.0 Cable Modem, Cheaper then paying TWC rent for their cable modem, this one does not support phone but all I needed it to do is provide internet and WiFi, it also has 4 wired ports.

  • C. Roberts - Ock sounds like when we say Ugh

    I read some of the two-star reviews and just thought I would mention that the use of 'ock', and 'aye' was very much a part of that time period. Ock sounds like when we say Ugh. The book is wonderfully historical and sensual. I enjoy both. This is a very good read. Ms. Jarecki did a lot of research and explained most of it at the end. My favorite quote is, "You're about as demure as a badger - though you're as resourceful as a beaver." Ms. J. you keep writing. I'll keep reading.

  • Christina Hernandez - keyless entry

    I recently purchased my keyless remote for my Impala. They remote came in earlier than expected. It also came with a website that gave super easy instruction on how to reprogram the remote. I have never had to program a remote my self, and it was super easy and quick to do.