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Novas, Dohr & Coll OB/Gyn Associates and Medical Spa - Novas, Dohr and Coll, Ob/Gyn Associates and Medical Spa offers diagnosis and treatment of all womens' issues as well as wellness and preventative care in our Barrington, Illinois office.

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  • R. D. SMITH - I love CHI Silk Infusion!!!

    Chi Silk Infusion is the best. I had used BioSilk for over two years but when it seemed to stop working, I tried Chi and just love it! It's heat protection is the key I believe and it doesn't weight my hair down at all. It shines and is silky smooth!

  • cattolle - Good Purchase

    Works great for our electric boat motor. We like the feature that monitors how much charge is left.

  • Jennifer Truong-Tang - Worst product ever

    Worst product ever. Doesn't do what it have claimed to do. Not only that it leaves a gritty feeling afterwards but it makes you smell so bad. Will never buy again.

  • Alex K - Amazing price/quality. And a fresher model than most screens for sale with similar specs. Glad I bought it.

    The brightness, colors, and quality are fantastic. I love the minimalist shape and form of it. I also love the Amazon price as this monitor appears to go for way more on other websites or places like eBay. I even ordered one for my mother who runs a home business and does a lot of work on her computer. I'm not a monitor expert however there was one reason I chose this monitor. Most other monitors I was looking at on Amazon have existed for a couple of years already and this one was one of the freshest models. Since usually things get better with time due to innovation I figured this would be my best choice. I'm not a fan of lots of extremely dumb design decisions by HP in the past since I repair their computers on and off for a living. But I'm very pleased with this monitor. I use it with my Lenovo X230 thinkpad as an extention to my laptop.

  • Miles Rhys - missing 30 pages

    The brand new book I received from Amazon is missing pages 449-480, which includes letters P-S of section 1. I did not notice the missing section until I needed to look up a renal code and it still took me a minute to figure out the problem. It appears that they were left out during the manufacturing process because there is no evidence that the book was tampered with as the binding is intact and there are no gaps. Even though it was past my 30 day return window, Amazon is replacing the book with 1 day shipping for free. We will see if this is just my book, or the entire lot. If you order this title, check for defects ASAP. Other than that, the book is as expected from an ICD-9 volume. I wish it had section tabs for an easier search, but that can be remedied with a free afternoon and sticky notes.

  • Charles C Myers - Completely changes the look of the car in a good way. The antenna fits perfectly with no changes ...

    Completely changes the look of the car in a good way. The antenna fits perfectly with no changes in radio reception.