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Welcome | Nutrition in Prevention & Therapy | Gunter P. Eckert - Website of the study group "nutritional-neuroscience" at the Department of Pharmacology, Goethe-University of Frankfurt, Germany. Gunter P. Eckert. Mitochndrial dysfunction, brain aging, Alzheimer.

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  • K. Ahmed - Good for tracking, but still has some design flaws.

    Disclosure: I am a physician and received this unit for free but am not affiliated with this or any other medical equipments company. I am not diabetic and these readings are for the most part random after breakfast tested on myself with an actual blood sugar level of 6.6.

  • Amazon Customer - Book bad.

    Cliches run wild. In the characters, the setting, plot and language. "She started tearing up again"!!! and again and again... and all she did was "tear up". Really grabbed my imagination. (Sorry, did I roll my eyes out loud?). Not an avid reader's thriller of choice. Predictable, unoriginal and amateurish writing and plot. Character are weak. Seems like a mix of different borrowed plot. The language is repetitive and seems like its targeted towards middle school kids more than adults. Read a Nancy Drew? Literary wise - more advanced reading.