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Obria - Formerly Birth Choice Health Clinics - Birth Choice is now Obria Medical Clinics. Providing healthcare through it's community care clinics. Pregnancy testing, STD screenings, etc. 

  • https://www.obria.org/about/ We're Here To Help, Every Step Of The Way | Obria - Whether you think you are pregnant, know you are pregnant, or need testing for STDs and more, Obria is here to care for you.
  • https://www.obria.org/affiliate/ Become An Obria Affiliate Today | Obria - If you are interested in woking alongside Obria to help realize its noble mission, you can find more information on how to become an Obria affiliate.
  • https://www.obria.org/blog/ Blogs, Information, and News Information | Obria Medical Clinics - Learn about the latest news, information and catch up on blogs from Obria Medical Clinics - medical information, new procedures, and new clinics.
  • https://www.obria.org/careers/ Careers And Opportunities | Obria Medical Clinics - If you have a passion for helping women through crisis pregnancies, and for helping their loved ones through the process, Obria may be right for you.
  • https://www.obria.org/contact-us/ Contact Us - Obria - If you need to get into contact with Obria you can also schedule an appointment to see a nurse. Direct other inquiries to this contact form.
  • https://www.obria.org/faqs/ Frequently Asked Questions And Answers | Obria - You may a slew of questions you need answers to, and Obria can give you the answers; this page provides information on the most commonly asked questions.
  • https://www.obria.org/get-involved/ Volunteer At Obria And Help Women In Crisis | Obria - You can get involved with Obria's mission in a variety of ways beyond donating by volunteering time to a variety of groups: church, corporate and clinic.
  • https://www.obria.org/locations/ Locations And Our Mobile Clinic | Obria Medical Clinics - Find the Obria location nearest you, or find out where our mobile clinic is going to be (or phone us for information on it coming to your community.)
  • https://www.obria.org/medical-providers/ Medical Providers | Obria Medical Clinics - A look into the astounding medical team Obria employs to help ensure the care you receive is quality, effective, and personal.
  • https://www.obria.org/medical-services/ Medical Services - Obria - Obria offers low cost (or outright free) medical services to its patients - schedule an appointment and talk to a nurse that cares today.
  • https://www.obria.org/abortion/ Get The Facts About Abortion Today | Obria - If you're unsure about your pregnancy and considering abortion, Obria Medical clinics can help you better understand this option, as well as others.
  • https://www.obria.org/hiv-aids/ Understanding And Recognizing HIV and AIDS | Obria - HIV and AIDS are serious medical conditions, CONTACT A MEDICAL PROFESSIONAL IF YOU BELIEVE YOU ARE INFECTED; this Obria page is dedicated to informing you.
  • https://www.obria.org/patient-forms/ Patient Forms - Obria - Important forms to bring with you when you visit Obria to save yourself some time.
  • https://www.obria.org/pregnancy-testing/ Pregnancy Testing | Obria - Pregnancy tests are one of the main ways to find out if you are pregnant - Obria provides some information on knowing how to best use a test.
  • https://www.obria.org/prenatal/ Prenatal Care | Obria - Do not overlook the importance of prenatal care if you intend to have your child; Obria provides prenatal cares services for those interested.
  • https://www.obria.org/programs/ Parenting Programs | Obria - For new and expectant parents alike, Obria offers a variety of programs to help smooth the transition into the life of a parent.
  • https://www.obria.org/std-testing/ STD Testing | Obria - STDs are a prevalent form of infection in the US and it is important to be regularly tested for them; Obria provides STD testing services for those in need.
  • https://www.obria.org/pregnant/ Teen Pregnancy | Obria - Teen pregnancy can be a terrifying time for you, and if you've told them, your parents - consult an Obria nurse for help with this trying time.
  • https://www.obria.org/ultrasound/ Confirm Pregnancy With Ultrasounds | Obria Medical Clinics - Learn about the importance of ultrasounds in a healthy pregnancy, as well as their use in confirming pregnancy, through Obria Medical Clinics.
  • https://www.obria.org/well-women/ Well Woman Care | Obria - If you are uninsured and between 21 and 49, Obria offers an annual well-woman exam to check your current health; note this exam is not for pregnant women.
  • https://www.obria.org/information/ Information About Pregnancy And More | Obria - If you have reason to believe that you are pregnant, Obria can help confirm your pregnancy, as well as provide you with valuable information.
  • https://www.obria.org/adoption/ Are You Pregnant And Considering Adoption? | Obria - If you or a loved one are pregnant and you are considering adoption, Obria can help you better understand this difficult choice and if it's right for you.
  • https://www.obria.org/birth-control/ Understand Your Birth Control And Contraceptive Options | Obria - If you are considering the use of contraception, birth control, or emergency birth control (like ellaOne and Plan B), Obria has information to help.
  • https://www.obria.org/chlamydia/ Symptoms And Dangers of Chlamydia | Obria - If you think you may have chlamydia, contact an Obria nurse and carefully review the information contained within but do not self-diagnose.

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