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Obsidian Fleet: A Star Trek RPG - An online RPG community of people who love writing and Star Trek, Obsidian Fleet is the premier Star Trek sim group on the Internet. We offer a variety of Star Trek themed online role playing games (RPG) for Star Trek fans. Our Star Trek simulations feature play-by-post, play-by-email, and play-by-web roleplay to fit all of your online Star Trek desires.

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  • GabReal AmyZing - 100% Works if done correctly!

    If done right, you can absolutely get the results that you are seeking. This product stands behind it's name. Truthfully though I have saved myself time and money by staying sober and not having the need for any products to do these type of cover ups. No one is perfect, but God can help us all. Take it from a person who has learned a better way of having a more successful life without having to be in fear of possibly failing a drug test. Five stars for this product doing what it claims, but I pray for all who read this. Be blessed!

  • Annonymous - This was such a waste of money

    I don't know if this is an authentic Yeti tumbler or not, but I know when I compared it to another $10 version at Walmart, it didn't keep the water and ice cold for nearly as long. This was such a waste of money. I'm really disappointed to have spent this much money on something that doesn't work as well as a cheap $10 Walmart version.

  • Tejaswi, Billa-Koti - It is indeed like a personal coach and pushes you to achieve your ...

    Moov is not any other fitness device out there. It is NOT for people who simply want to simply count their steps or track their sleep. It is much more than that. It is indeed like a personal coach and pushes you to achieve your goals. The biggest advantage it has over any other is it, waterproof and can be worn at all times. The design for strap might be a little flawed, but i'd live with it. I'd highly recommend this poduct

  • Kim P - Not what it seems

    I have bought this product from stores in the past and though the packaging looks the same, I assure you this is NOT the same product!!! There is no dispenser for the two gels which makes it very hard to get equal amounts of the two and the directions provided do not match the contents of the package. I will not be making a repeat purchase and would not recommend this to anyone else.