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Ochre Health | - Ochre Health – Rural and Urban Medical Centres. The trusted healthcare partner throughout NSW, ACT, VIC, QLD, WA and TAS.

  • http://www.ochrehealth.com.au/practices/medical-centre-garran-act/ Ochre Health Medical Centre Garran, ACT | Ochre Health - Ochre Health Medical Centre Garran is located next to Canberra Hospital and is home to 11 doctors.
  • http://www.ochrehealth.com.au/medical-centre/barham/ Barham Medical Centre, NSW | Ochre Health - Barham Medical Centre is the sole practice serving the Barham district. It is home to four experienced doctors who provide VMO services to the hospital.
  • http://www.ochrehealth.com.au/practices/medical-centre-bathurst/ Ochre Health Medical Centre Bathurst, NSW | Ochre Health - Ochre Health Medical Centre Bathurst opened on the 23rd February. The Practice is located on the grounds of Charles Sturt University.
  • http://www.ochrehealth.com.au/medical-centre/bogabbri/ Boggabri Medical Centre, NSW | Ochre Health - Boggabri Medical Centre is located in a wing of Boggabri Hospital with the doctors providing on call services to the hospital.
  • http://www.ochrehealth.com.au/medical-centre/condobolin/ Melrose St Medical Centre, Condobolin, NSW | Ochre Health - Melrose Medical Centre moved into a new custom built facilities in February 2014. The Centre is home to 3 doctors and is an integral part of the community.
  • http://www.ochrehealth.com.au/medical-centre/deniliquin/ Deniliquin Medical Centre, NSW | Ochre Health - Ochre Health's Deniliquin Medical Centre was opened in October 2012 and is home to seven doctors. Learn more about the practice at ochrehealth.com.au
  • http://www.ochrehealth.com.au/medical-centre/grafton/ Grafton GP SuperClinic, NSW | Ochre Health - Grafton GP Superclinic was the first Ochre Health Superclinic, opening in Oct 2011. The practice has 5 doctors and is accredited for clinical training.
  • http://www.ochrehealth.com.au/practices/medical-centre-lithgow/ Ochre Health Medical Centre Lithgow, NSW | Ochre Health - The established Ochre Health Medical Centre Lithgow is part of a close knit community located in the Central Tablelands of NSW.
  • http://www.ochrehealth.com.au/medical-centre/parkes/ Ochre Health Medical Centre Parkes, NSW | Ochre Health - The Clarinda St Medical Centre, Parkes joined the Ochre Health Group in Nov 2014. The practice has been servicing the Parkes community for over 50 years.
  • http://www.ochrehealth.com.au/medical-centre/tea-gardens/ Ochre Health Medical Centre Tea Gardens, NSW | Ochre Health - Ochre Health Medical Centre Tea Gardens is the sole provider of primary care to the stunning coastal Tea Gardens and Hawks Nest region.
  • http://www.ochrehealth.com.au/practices/medical-centre-wentworth-falls/ Ochre Health Medical Centre Wentworth Falls, NSW | Ochre Health - Ochre Health Medical Centre Wentworth Falls is a practice dedicated to improving patient care and health outcomes.

    Country:, Oceania, AU

    City: 151.2193 New South Wales, Australia

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