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  • http://www.oklahomabids.com/bid_opportunities/2016/10/27/7358931-cybertron-caching-server---district-shared.html Bid on Cybertron Caching Server - District Shared in Thackerville | Oklahoma Bid Network - Provide Cybertron Caching Server, DWL8610 WAP - Qty. 4 for the MS, DWC1000 Wireless Controller - Qty. 1 for the MS.

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  • K.A.Shaw - A Break from those Study encyclopedias

    Really informative...Helped out a lot for my GRE prep. A nice break from using those over sized study guides filled with so much information one can become overwhelmed. This guide is straight to the point. Hits all the major keys and includes a practice test in the back. I was well prepared using this one guide.

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    Great budget Surface alternative. Speedy 128G M.2 drive makes boot up superfast. Bluetooth keyboard attaches/detaches with powerful magnets extremely easily and best of all works attached or detached.12.5" screen is extremely sharp and responsive.So far, it's been a great purchase as I was looking to get a Microsoft Surface 4 and this cost half the price of the Surface 4 with similar specs and more importantly, WITH THE KEYBOARD

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