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Omicia | Automated Clinical Interpretation of Genomic Variants - Omicia enables labs to deploy accurate, scalable NGS testing and research programs with Opal™, the leading variant interpretation & reporting platform.

  • http://www.omicia.com/contact Omicia Contact Information - Email and Phone Number - Contact Omicia to learn how we can help you interpret genomic data, diagnose genetic conditions, and develop disease-specific therapies.
  • http://www.omicia.com/schedule-demo Schedule a Demo of Omicia's Opal Software - Get a free demo of Omicia's Opal genome interpretation software. See how Opal seamlessly fits into your current workflow to pinpoint disease-causing genes.
  • http://www.omicia.com/products/ Opal Clinical™ Variant Interpretation for NGS Testing | Omicia - Omicia provides clinical labs with an intuitive, scalable platform to accurately interpret and report on genetic variants for NGS-based clinical testing.
  • http://www.omicia.com/products/opal-clinical/in-silico-gene-panels/ In Silico Gene Panels - Opal Clinical™ | Omicia - Omicia's condition-specific in silico gene panels enable clinical labs to accelerate NGS testing on hereditary cancer & other genetic disorders.
  • http://www.omicia.com/products/opal-research/ Opal Research™ Variant Interpretation Software | Omicia - Omicia's automated variant annotation & prioritization software expedites the interpretation of NGS genomic data for single patients, families, and cohorts.
  • http://www.omicia.com/products/opal-clinical-trials/ Opal Clinical Trials™ - Genomics-Based Drug Development - Use Omicia's Opal software to stratify clinical trial participants based on genomic profiles.
  • http://www.omicia.com/company/ About Omicia | Enabling Precision Medicine One Base at a Time - Omicia helps clinicians and researchers understand and apply information from human genome sequences to improve disease management and medical outcomes.
  • http://www.omicia.com/company/leadership/ Omicia | Executive Leadership - Omicia is led by CEO Jon Stuelpnagel (co-founder of Illumina), President Martin G. Reese (formerly of the Human Genome Project), and CTO Edward Kiruluta.
  • http://www.omicia.com/company/advisory-board/ Omicia Advisory Board - Omicia's scientific and medical advisors are leaders in the application of genomics and systems biology to deciphering the mechanisms of complex diseases.
  • http://www.omicia.com/news-events/ Omicia Press Releases, News, and Upcoming Events - Omicia chosen for the UK 100K Genomes Project, Matt Tindall appointed Omicia CEO, ACMG scoring module released for the Opal Clinical™ platform. Read more...
  • http://www.omicia.com/publications/ Omicia Scientific and Clinical Research Publications - Clinicians and academic scientists publish reports using the VAAST mutation detection algorithm to support their diagnostic and basic research endeavors.
  • http://www.omicia.com/privacy-policy Omicia Online Privacy Policy - Omicia is committed to protecting the privacy of the information you provide to us, including any and all personal information and genomic data you submit.
  • http://www.omicia.com/blog/automated-algorithmic-approaches-to-variant-interpretation/ Automated, Algorithmic Approaches to Variant Interpretation | Omicia - Learn how manual approaches to variant interpretation have given way to automated workflows to accelerate the identification of disease-causing genes.

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