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  • Dj BR - No back support

    No back support, echoing others reviews and this is why we returned. Liked all the other features, but my daughter looked uncomfortable while riding in it.

  • Sally Inabinett - I don't have before and after pictures but my nails look much better. They still are not perfect

    Nony X works for my nails that were damaged from cutting them too short. I was misdiagnosed with nail fungus but my nails were just curved. They were very thick but it was due to the nail growing differently. I tried everything on the market and podiatrists tried jublia and surgeries on the big toenail. Nothing helped. My nails kept growing into my toe. This was some serious pain. I eventually found filing the nail down ( and you have to be very careful with filing), and then putting the noni X nail gel helps tremendously. I don't have before and after pictures but my nails look much better. They still are not perfect. My experience with this product has literally changed my life. When a nail is curved and you cut it straight, as is customarily correct for most people, it can eventually damage the nail bed. I googled the treatment for nails like this and have been adhering to a non-traditional approach that works for me. I file the nail instead of cutting it. I use nony X 2 times a day. Sometimes I put Co Q 10 under the nail if it is hurting and that helps too. My nail appears to grow up instead of out. A word of caution, be careful filing the nail . Too much is not a good thing. I was told to never file the little moon part of the nail too. My nails may never grow out normally, or they may eventually get there. In the meantime, Nony X Nail Gel is my top recommendation for nails that are curved and growing into the toe.

  • Michael Madden - Did not even Work!

    I purchased and downloaded this software because I liked the concept of storing receipts online by using smartphone. However, it did not work on my Windows 8. After spending a hour with Quicken's Technical Support department, they were unable to solve my issue. I DO NOT RECOMMEND THIS SOFTWARE. Stick with what you have right now folks. I have requested for a refund.

  • Jennifer - I'm a believer.

    Thin, brittle, chipped nails be GONE!!! For my entire life I've had thin, brittle, hair and nails. I've tried vitamins, prenatal vitamins, fish oil supplements, EVERYTHING. This was suggested by a friend and I almost didn't try it...SO glad I did. After almost a month my nails are hard and healthy. I actually got a gel manicure for the first time without needing acrylic tips to add length!!!! My hair is looking so much better. It's growing like crazy, enough that the new growth coming in is almost annoying because it sticks up!!! One downside? Invest in a good razor. ALL your hair grows faster!!!! lol.

  • Summer - Excellent Lego Game

    This is my favorite lego game. My 3 year old son loves it as well. There is a 2 player mode so we can even play together. It did not take him long to get the hang of the controls and I enjoy watching him work through the puzzles. We were even inspired to create our own lego jurassic world with my son's Lego Duplos and plastic dinosaurs. It was really fun, I know my son loved bringing the game to "life."