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  • leelee momma - As a mother of 6 small children, I never want to be without it again!

    Luckily for me, I inherited this from a friend when it was 3 years old and it is still going strong. I would gladly pay several hundred dollars to buy it new, though, if I hadn't received one as a gift! It has revolutionized my home. I have 6 small children and a puppy and we homeschool so we are ALL home, ALL day. This makes for a lot of messes, especially around the table. I used to avoid sweeping then mopping because it is such a pain. My floors got to be terrible. No more! It is so easy to achieve beautifully clean floors that I use it every day, sometimes several times a day. It picks up medium to small food scraps (rotini noodles, pancake bites, bread crumbs, banana chunks, etc.), crumbs, wet messes, dogfood, and more. Sometimes I have to lift it and set it down on the bigger chunks. One thing it struggles with are paper scraps because they are so low to the floor and they stick to the floor when the steam gets them moist. There are some corners that I cannot get really well, but I can do the difficult spots with a rag once a week or so. Overall, so so awesome when compared with a standard broom/mop combo! I joke with my husband that I would like to kiss that person who invented it:) It literally makes me a happier person to have such clean floors with so little work! By the way, I have used it successfully on my tile floors and my linoleum floors.

  • Max Crowe - BEWARE: If you're overseas, MICROSOFT will take your money but won't let you download this !!

    Bought and paid for at advertised rate, then tried to download, and Microsoft takes me to a Spanish-language page I did not request, then tells me I can't download because "this product is not intended for the region you are in". How unhelpful is that? It seems that Office 2013 is $100 more if you are located overseas (that's $500 minus $1, or $499 for the yokels). It is absolutely disrespectful to be treated like a 2nd-class citizen by this obscenely rich corporation just because I live in Latin America. Worse still, I paid my $400 minus $1, and got nothing in exchange. When someone orders Office Professional guys, it's usually because they need to get some work done. This is costing me time and money. Tough to say, but a great outfit like Amazon should not do business with MS. I'll report again on how easy/hard it was to get satisfaction. I am one irate customer right now.