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Oval Pharmacy - Oval Pharmacy is a community pharmacy which carries complete line of Rx Drugs, HIV / AIDS meds, Hepatitis, Transplants, Specialty drugs, Services like Unit Dose Packaging, Medication Therapy Management, Immunizations (Flu shot, Zostavax, Shingles, pneumonia), Loyalty card, Prescription club, Prescription discount card, $6 prescription club, Nutritionals like Nutramigen, Ensure, Pediasure, Nepro, Glucerna, Suplena, Resource, Promod, Nutrivir, Boost, Enfamil, Enfagrow, Similac, Elecare (WIC Checks accepted), Surgicals (Diapers, incontinence, Chux, Hollister, convatec, coloplast, wheelchair, bath seat, rollator, diabetic supplies, nebulizer, contour, freestyle, one touch ultra, canes, gloves), other services like OTC card, metro card, fax, delivery, perfumes.

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City: -111.8906 Arizona, United States

  • Kelly Niblett - Best hair product ever

    Best hair product ever! I have thick, shoulder-length, colored hair that I blow dry and flat iron just about every day. This prevents my hair from being damaged. My hairdresser can't believe how healthy my hair is. The best part...it smell awesome!! I use it everyday. If its too concentrated, add water. I have 2 bottles at all times. I dilute mine with water and still enjoy all the benefits!!

  • Sparta300 - Love this shampoo!

    I first tried this as a free sample when I ordered some of PTR skin care products. To my surprise I loved this shampoo and now use it in between shampoos of my wen. Sometimes you just need to lather up your hair. It feels so clean and fresh after using this product. I also have the conditioner. Smells really nice too!

  • Bydsign - My elbow loves you

    Not just a great place t rest your elbow, but a handy place for quarters. Yes, it does move a bit, but as the other reviewers said, it's actually the middle component of the car (the one that the arm rest bolts into) that moves, and not the unit itself. Totally worth the money.

  • Cathy - One great product

    I also have tried many things "on the North Side" over the years. Since using this three days ago, I must have told or emailed over 50 people. I have copies of the web sight page in my pocket. This product is that good. I did one North slope roof, the whole house, a Trex deck, slate patio and chimney. I even sprayed some gray and red decorative cement landscaping blocks that we mostly blackened. Each day they are looking better and better. No smell, no noise, no hard work!

  • R. Beck - Learning Spanish on my time.

    I enjoy this program and I'm able to use it in my car while going to and from work. I'm working towards conversational speaking.

  • Jenni Bland - Worth the few extra bucks.

    Noticed a huge difference in this compared to the Gerber (that I liked) with my first son. This must be closer to breast milk because if I didn't know any better I would swear my son was breast fed by the way his poop is. It's just like a breast fed baby!!

  • Chuck - This $ hungry beast will battle

    We've been using the older model since 2008. We've been through numerous domes, so buy the expensive dome early (2 years so far, no cracks). We replaced the convection head once, the old one works but was buzzing and stinky from splatter. The plastic under tray is brown from grease, make sure you dump the water out of it after each use. The metal grease tray and cooking racks have held up well over the years, and you will defiently need metal scrubbies and some elbow grease to clean em - defiently the worse part of cleaning nuwave. Over many years the start button and reset button on top need a magic touch to work but we have mastered it. By far this is the absolute last item we wash during dishes, I'm happy knowing the greasy mess this thing makes is not in my arteries.