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  • Princess - I find this helpful

    I love this because since I've been taking it, I have not had cystitis. I know the product can't make direct claims about preventing infection, but I've been healthy now for over 3 months. Take 2 daily with big glass of water.

  • CoBamboo - A Very Good Story

    A Good story with some wonderful insights, told from a different point of view. The story line is creative and original, with a small amount of romance novel written in to it. The author spends a good amount of time developing relationships and explaining the feelings of the characters. The is just enough science to support a space adventure with out becoming bogged down in massive amount of scientific jargon. The story line proceeds at good pace, with an occasional flash back or side story inorder to establish context.

  • Smmarti7 - Don't miss this!

    This was SOOOO freaking good! I was totally blown away. Mrs. Hutton never ceases to surprise me with her talent. I honestly began the story hating Richard, but I slowly learned to understand him. I can't spoil anything because they would be SO unfair. I will say he is a bit stubborn and a little slow on the picking up the clues, but he did it, lol. Eugenia was a very strong character and I loved her resolve and willingness to make a difference.

  • Jeff Johnson - Clearly the best game in the franchise

    70 WWE Superstars and the new Universe mode are really why anyone and everyone should buy this game. Not to mention how cheap it is. The Universe mode generates wrestling cards based on who your WWE superstars are feuding with. You play the matches you don't or make matches to add to the card or don't play any.

  • Joshy G - Solid

    Needed this text for school, it actually turned out to be pretty good and I would recommend for others learning about the topic.

  • Garey Bryan - USE RAPID REMOVER

    this might work better on a new decal for removing glue. But use rapid remover for older stickers or decals works very good.

  • Fran - Weird but I'm just glad to have figured it out and that it worked/works ...

    Works well as expected although I did have a bit of a scare when I unplugged a USB cable from it and it wouldn't boot up. Apparently I unplugged it too harshly; all I had to do was wiggle the USB port that I unplugged from and I haven't had an issue since. Weird but I'm just glad to have figured it out and that it worked/works perfectly otherwise.