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  • Jason - Works for about two weeks

    The collars work for about two weeks then they are worthless. I have outside dogs and their are ticks everywhere. Before I put the tick collar on, they were full of ticks. After the tick collar, for about two weeks, they were virtually tick free. I came home from work yesterday and my English Springer Spaniel, Charlie Brown, had at least 30 ticks on him.

  • T. doyle - Will not improve the underlying issue and The paperwork states this clearly.

    This product is urea-based. This will soften and thin the nail but it will not improve the underlying problem. This is NOT a cure and the paperwork says this clearly. I had a light to moderate issue and it did not improve it. I went to the prescription Penlac liquid and saw quick improvements.

  • Marty - Very Good but QC Improvements Needed

    I received the product and was very pleased with the overall set. Very good value and nice looking bag and clubs. Two of the clubs, the putter and the 5-hybrid had slight defects (marr on the putter striking surface and small dents on the edge of the 5-hybrid).

  • Vera M - Boy Meets Girl

    Another fantastic book by Willow Winters and Lauren Landish!! The books these two write together and separately are phenomenal romances that leave you panting for more!!!

  • RODERICK T. BROWN - Not only did it make no difference but two weeks later I got another cold sore which was worse. I bought a second tube at the dr

    I purchased a tube of Abreva from amazon in anticipation of the cold sores I get every year and sure enough less than a week later there was my cold sore. I was so proud of my self for being prepared for it and was able to use it at the first sign. Used as directed five times per day and wala no difference. Not only did it make no difference but two weeks later I got another cold sore which was worse. I bought a second tube at the drug store and it too did nothing to halt the cold sore. It did stop the itching but the cold sore broke out into full scab and bleeding and took just as long to heal as normal. It is two weeks later and now I have gotten a third cold sore (unusual to get three) and I had a tiny bit left of the Abreva which I got on at the first hint. It once again seems to be having no effect so I am not wasting any more time or money on this product. I'm going back to Campho Phenique.

  • Alex Nobles - and it looked fantastic on its first run

    After having issues with many different 3mm filaments, I just loaded one of these on my Airwolf Axiom dual, and it looked fantastic on its first run! No gross little bits on the border of solid shells, and the roof layers melted very evenly!