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  • Amazon Customer - Worth every penny

    This is awesome. I hooked this up to my karaoke system to eliminate wiring from my PC to AMP, it worked like a champ. Connected to AUX port in my minivan, worked flawlessly. Next, I'm going to tape it to the side of my motorcycle helmet and pair with my GPS. I'm sure it's going to work b/c USB 3.0 is for that.

  • Be safe - Awesome

    Confirms what everyone fears about the legal justice system but then shows how things can right themselves again. Shows bravery and guts in the face of adversity that each one of us prays we or our loved ones never face. Read it - I'm betting you won't put it down until the last page is turned.

  • Lauren Hernandez - THESE ARE AMAZING! I have bad allergies in my city and ...

    THESE ARE AMAZING! I have bad allergies in my city and I have lived here 3 years. As soon as I put one of these on before bed I felt like I could breathe better than I've ever been able to before. I slept so well; better than I have since I moved here. Having allergies is draining as is, but on top of restless sleep?! Not fun. So glad a friend recommended these! I've already bought more.

  • Amazon Customer - Love to use this daily after the shower on my ...

    Love to use this daily after the shower on my hair. Detangles my hair and keeps it healthy and smooth. I have used this product for years!

  • Bill Porter - Cracked after a month of use!

    Used it for about a month very consistently (6-8 hrs./day) as a *balance board* at my standing desk at work when it started to develop small cracks right in the middle on both sides. Sorry to say, but this is not a very durable product and did not live up to its marketing hype -- it claims to support up to 400 lbs., I'm 175 lbs.

  • E. K. Wlin - Why all other companies discontinued their mapping software ?

    There are no mapping software available for laptops after about 30 minutes of searching online and I can save you that time. The ones available are old versions and most of them don't run on Windows 10. For example, Microsoft Streets and Trips and Delorme 2014 are older versions and they do not work with Windows 10, only Delorme version 2015 does. I have tried Delorme 2008 on Win 10, everything worked except it was unable to locate a COM port for my GPS, so I purchased this new version. Other companies have discontinued their mapping software or have stopped updating them except for Delorme (who did very little update but at least got their software running with Windows 10) since the maps are easier to update online in real time with Goggle and Microsoft sites. That is why Google and Microsoft maps are more accurate and updated. I do use my phone for reference or as a primary GPS guide depending on the need. For example I use Delorme, if I need a large screen to map out multiple locations or if I need to see a large zoomed out overview that the small phone screen can't display. If I have to drive to only one location without having the need to plan out my entire day, I would use my phone. As far as my research goes, only this software works with a laptop in Windows 10. Most of my camping trips Delorme comes to the rescue, all of our phones' navigation usually stops, my kids and my wife's GPS all ceased without Verizon signal and only Delorme continued to run. My support goes to Delorme for their courage to battle the giants in this hostile competitive environment. They provide a mapping software that is easier to see on large laptop screen and one that does not require phone signal or use up data. For those who are complaining about little or no update from this software, please take a moment to understand the business side of this industry and why there were massive layoffs after Goggle and Microsoft had taken over this business. In the end when your phone loses signal in the woods and your GPS stops working because it is not receiving the topo map data from Goggle/Microsoft, come back and support this company so they can continue to provide the service. I do not work for Delorme, read my other reviews.

  • Buyer XYZ - Neat scanner, not bullet proof

    The scanner is assembled very well and generally works well. This version is for Mac's, and my general complaint is that the software is missing some key conveniences that seem pretty obvious. Small tasks like removing pages or combining documents are not intuitive and could have been accomplished so much easier. However, thes problems are easy to fix and likely will be in updates to the software. The character recognition on the scanner works pretty well. Honestly, the main purpose I bought this scanner for was to digitally scan my bills, documents, proof of purchase, etc that I want to keep, just not in paper form. This will do a good job of scanning those into pdf which are backed up on my machine...time to clean out some clutter! From that standpoint, good product. The other important point that got me comfortable is that the scanner quality is as good if not better than other document fed scanners...so the software is essentially a bonus.