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The Paradise Rio - Um universo mágico e colorido de estampas que traduzem o realismo fantástico em padronagens e desenhos que pintam as roupas, transformando-as em obras de arte

Country:, South America, BR

City: -43.2192 , Brazil

  • Erika D. Price - A Tepid Year, Unfortunately

    There are some standout pieces in this collection, but overall there's too much casual literary misogyny and conventional storytelling for my tastes. Literary giants have been writing about adultery, lust, and statutory rape for a very long time, and at some point it gets old (for this reader, at least). I wish the Best American series would branch out a little more and get a greater variety of types of stories -- maybe even some work that has genre elements.

  • Barb C - I love Flexitol Heel Balm

    I love Flexitol Heel Balm. It is the best product I've found in my 60 years of trying different heel products. In the winter, if I don't use it, my heels will crack/ split open. Those splits are very painful when walking. Flexitol Heel Balm will soften the tough calloused skin and heal up the split quickly. I also use it on my fingers. I am a nurse and wash my hands A LOT! I'll often develop a split on my finger tip hear at the side of the nail. I apply the Flexitol to my hands and the split on my finger at night and when I can durning the day. It helps heal the split on my finger tips and helps my hands recover from so much hand washing.

  • mlatteri - Doesn't sink up well with MS1 class, but could be useful later.

    Doesn't have a lot of the old drugs that are used to teach pharm. I'm sure they will be more useful later.

  • Amazon Customer - Do NOT drink this - it's not just "fruits and veggies".

    This product is dangerous for many reasons. 1) It is mostly soy. Major estrogen going on here, with major effects. 2) It contains both meadowsweet and willow bark, both of which are essentially aspirin. Are YOU ready to go on an aspirin regime without knowing it, or telling your doctor? (Also aspirin is dangerous for kids, and I know people are putting this in their kids drinks). I asked my it works rep how much of those are in there, and she didn't know, so she contacted the company. THEY WOULDN'T TELL HER because it was proprietary. So not only are you drugging yourself, you have no idea the dosage. (Goldenseal is in this too, which can affect medication absorption). I knew more about every single ingredient in there than the rep did, she was like "Really? Herbs have side effects? " 3) Super disgusting. Avoid at all costs.

  • M&M. - Super nice

    No doubt is hard to choose a case for a new phone since there is so many options available, this case is perfect just what I was looking for, great quality and looks great. Highly recommended :)

  • Deniecy - A little disappionted.

    Book came in good condition, but nine out of thirty one chapters was already done by the previous owner and done in pen not pencil, so at least i could have erased it. Of course I didnt expect it to be perfect because it was a used book, and price was great. But omg.