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Pasco Veterinary Medical Center Integrated Holistic Center - We are a full service medical and surgical facility that integrates the most advanced western medical services (digital radiography, ultrasound, endoscopy, advanced ophthalmology, and dental radiography) with the widest complement of alternative medicine in the state.

  • http://www.pascovet.com/services.html Pasco Veterinary Medical Center, Services - Services include full internal medicine diagnostic evaluations, including ultrasound, endoscopy, full in house laboratory, digital radiography, dental radiography and laser therapy (both CO2 surgical cutting laser and class IV therapeutic laser).
  • http://www.pascovet.com/our_staff.html Pasco Veterinary Medical Center, Our Staff - Our staff creates a welcoming family atmosphere. Our doctors, including Dr. Marlene Siegel, take thorough histories and do complete physical exams on every patient they see. The staff pride themselves on exemplary client education so that owners can make the best decisions possible regarding their family members well-being.

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  • Amazon Customer - A Very Happy Customer

    This is my second order of Rogaine for Women. I wasn't certain this would work for me, as so many reviewers didn't have good results or any results. Applying twice a day seemed a bit excessive to me and I wasn't certain I would follow through. Although this product comes with some instruction, it doesn't say whether it should be rubbed into the scalp or dabbed on with aid of cotton balls or what, so I started by simply applying, then combing it through my hair to keep the liquid from running everywhere. Within a month I was growing fuzzies! The fuzzies turned into hair and the hair is healthy and shiny! I have tried massaging it gently on the scalp, letting it just run and washing it from where I don't want it, combing it and there doesn't seem to be any difference. I color the new hair just as I do the "old" hair, style it with gels, heating irons and hair spray. I have no thin spots any more. I am a very happy customer.

  • A genXer - Easy and simple way to improve your teeth and health

    I really liked this book. After trying oil pulling, my mouth felt wonderful. My teeth felt clean, my gums felt and looked healthier, and my tongue had less coating. As I continued to oil pull each day, my tongue and gums turned pretty pink and my teeth felt so strong. My teeth are also whiter. I get compliments on my smile.

  • J. Cobb - Comfort!

    These drops were recommended to me after my laser eye surgery for vitreous detachment. They relieved the dryness and discomfort. Months after the surgery I use them on mornings when I awake with dry eyes.

  • Charley - Excellent magazine, initially very impressed with new format but ...

    Excellent magazine, initially very impressed with new format but why is it so slow in changing pages? Use it on Fire HDX 9 in. and the HD smaller model. I expect it takes some time to get used to. Read The Economist magazine which is much simplier and more like a regular magazine. Contents rate 5 stars, ease of use 3 stars.

  • Carmen Heywood - poor reception

    User must be in close proximity to a broadcasting antenna in order for it to work. Was not able to pick up signals as advertised.

  • Christine - The only thing I don't like is that it is very messy

    It's a little bottle but it will last a long time because you only dip the end of your toothbrush in to get a little bit of the product. I see a little difference in my teeth. The only thing I don't like is that it is very messy! my sink has black all in it after brushing my teeth.