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PCSK9 Forum | Education and Research Forum - PCSK9 inhibition promises to transform the treatment of millions of people with high cholesterol, whose risk of heart disease death is significantly increased

  • http://www.pcsk9forum.org/about-pcsk9-forum/ About PCSK9 Forum | PCSK9 Forum - What is PCSK9? PCSK9 is a protein which is critically important in regulating low density lipoprotein cholesterol (LDL-C) levels by significantly increasing
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  • http://www.pcsk9forum.org/about-pcsk9/what-are-pcsk9-inhibitors/ What are PCSK9 inhibitors? | PCSK9 Forum - An interview with Professor John Chapman Editor PCSK9 Forum Preventing premature cardiovascular death Dawn of a new era in lowering low density lipoprotein
  • http://www.pcsk9forum.org/about-pcsk9/why-are-new-treatments-needed/ Why are new treatments needed? | PCSK9 Forum - High cholesterol: An unmet need Luis Masana Why are new low density lipoprotein-cholesterol lowering treatments needed? Levels of atherogenic low density
  • http://www.pcsk9forum.org/about-pcsk9/who-could-benefit-from-pcsk9-inhibitors/ Who could benefit from PCSK9 inhibitors? | PCSK9 Forum - Which patients may benefit? Widespread use of statins in primary and secondary prevention settings, as recommended by guidelines, has resulted in a remarkable
  • http://www.pcsk9forum.org/about-pcsk9/how-will-pcsk9-inhibitors-be-used-in-real-world-clinical-practice/ How will PCSK9 inhibitors be used in real world clinical practice? | PCSK9 Forum - Prof Anthony Wiezbicki, Guy’s and St Thomas’ NHS Foundation Trust, London UK gives his view on how these novel PCSK9 therapeutics will be used in real-world

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  • Love2Shop - This is a great resource... however...

    I am a new writer who is trying to get a book published. I actually have an agent for one book I wrote... however he does not deal with the genre of this new book, so I figured I would try to see if I could get it published on my own.

  • Tesa - Not for Hyper-pigmentation (dark spots from acne)

    I bought this from Sephora and used this for about 6 weeks to treat left over dark spots from acne. As an African American woman, dark spots are form on my face very easily from acne. :( When using this product, I did not see any difference in their appearance, nor did I see any changes in the smoothness of my skin. When I bought this product, I originally wanted to try a product from K-beauty, but was influenced to buy this. I would have been better off using what I used to treat dark spots before: rose-hip oil and spin brush exfoliation. I'm going to try the vitamin c serums from K-beauty instead.

  • Ram-O-Pedia - good meter but needs improvements

    Works good. Small, compact and easy to use. Little slow in setting up everytime but works if you follow the steps properly. The key is to keep everything ready and then start. Within a second of starting app, need to plug in the device and then insert the strip as soon as meter is recognized by the phone app.

  • Paula Harper - Really great in the morning

    Kapha Tea has ginger in it. Ginger is what helps us keep our weight down. It has a great flavor. In fact, I am drinking mine right now. I drink it every morning. Great way to start your day, without caffeine. Actually Maharishi Ayurveda makes several teas for each type body. If you want to learn more about these wonderful teas made just for your body type, I suggest you go to the page and find out more about your body type and which tea as well as other helpful items for your body.

  • Horis_Knight - Impressions so far

    So this is one of the newer models on the market and first impressions are for the most part positive. I figured to write a review more on certain elements that people may not like about the product itself, but can be replaced for greater convenience. The quality of the picture and sound are excellent for this tv, so anyone looking for a curved model will not be disappointed in their viewing experience. That being said, two things seem to keep this from a 5/5 for me. One is the remote control that comes with the television. I myself can use it perfectly fine, but everyone else in my family cannot. The remote has been streamlined so there are only 13 buttons on it. Certain buttons will bring up more features, but for consumers more used to having every button visually shown on the remote this might become tedious. I will also add that this is a smart tv, so the remote also acts as the mouse/pointer for when you are accessing apps and internet on the television itself. This might have been more effective if the remote was used like a motion sensor, but to actually move the pointer around you have to use the arrow keys for up and down. In other words, the mouse can only move horizontally and vertically at a fairly slow pace. This is a problem that can be worked around however, as you could get another remote, or even set up your phone with the tv, but I figured it was important to tell people about this since it is part of the product they are getting. The second gripe is something you'd only notice if you left an application on when you turned off the television. So when I run the Youtube app for example, I do not exit out of the app and turn off the tv instead; when I turn it back on at a later time I notice the buttons on the remote take a while to respond. I sort of look at it as a load screen when this happens as you can see immediate slow-down when you are trying to navigate the menus and the buttons for the remote even become unresponsive, almost like the screen has frozen. However, if I exit the apps before turning off the tv I do not have this problem. So again, the television has some flaws, but they are issues that can be bypassed. As more time passes I will perhaps update this review, but overall I am satisfied.


    After having issues with my old PC that I got from CyberpowerPC, I was a little skeptical about purchasing this machine. On the system I had before, I had problems with the computer randomly shutting itself down during gaming. It didn't matter if it was a graphic intense game or not. For a lot of games I had that issue. Long story short, I finally decided it was time to get something different. After shopping around a bit on CyberpowerPC's website and iBuyPower's website, I decided to give Amazon a look. Found this machine that had double the amount of RAM in my old PC, was an upgrade from a GTX 780 TI to a GTX 1080, and had an even better processor than my old i7 4700K. But wait, the computer is also quite a bit cheaper than other PC's I built on iBuyPower and CyberpowerPC's websites.