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  • L. Burls - Not what I expected.

    I was under the impression that this book would describe in detail the different areas of Psychology and which schools would be the best for that area of study. I was thoroughly disappointed to see that it was just a long listing of every school in the nation and canada that only described things such as class sizes and tuition. They did list the areas of study available but I was hoping that it would go into detail about the different areas of study. It did not say anything about how to figure out which area is best for which careers. It was also difficult to navigate the textbook. I plan on selling it on Amazon. I was also disappointed by the fact that I bought it new but it was obviously a used textbook by the crinkled front cover and writing on the inside.

  • kmrotterdam - Great Disaster Movie

    The Russian pilot was so cute ... why did he have to die? I am a fan of post-apocalyptic films, and this does a good job in being frightening, as well as entertaining, Yes, of course, there are some weaknesses in the logic of some details, but overall, it's entertainment and certainly worth the time ... if you are a fan of the genre. I originally saw this in the theaters when it was released, and I wanted to have my own copy to watch every now and then. The special effects / computer generated graphics are spectacular and serve the plot well in making it more exciting. Turn off the lights, crank up the surround sound, and cuddle under a blanket with someone fun to hold on to for some excitement and entertainment,

  • Stephen714 - Terrible Program

    Each year this program gets worse and worse. This 2012 version won't install from the disc. I had to copy the entire file to my desktop and finally it installed. Once using the program, there are multiple problems. It forces you to go through the printer setup every time you try to print a card. It will not even open some previously saved cards from this version itself. Then when you finally get a card to print, it does not center the image on the front of the card. Tech support is non existent so I am left with a program I wasted money on and cannot use. DO NOT buy this program now or in the future.

  • Allen Tiffany, author of Youth In Asia, a Vietnam War novella - I'm a repeat buyer

    With a family of 6 and aging phones, I bought one of these as a spare so that I would not have to rush out and buy an expensive one in a pinch when one of ours died. Sure enough, one of my kid's phones died, so I gave her this one until we could find her a good one at a reasonable price. She used it for two weeks and really liked it. Two weeks later, my phone died, so I plugged my SIM into this one and was up and running within a few mins. I've now been using it for three months, and so far it works great.

  • Amazon Customer - Yowsa

    With a party of 15 in Tommy's den, there was no preparation whatsoever for what followed. It began to sound like someone let the air out of the party balloons. You know, when the balloons go flying and spinning around the room. Then the gasps, stench and horror of it all. Next time I'll stick with shake n bake.

  • Dtobaru - Huge upgrade from $30 Blenders-but watch out!

    Had some hesitancy in purchasing this product after reading the mixed Amazon reviews. But after my Oster $30 blender finally kicked the bucket and in need for my daily smoothie, I decided to purchase the Ninja. While some reviews complained at how noisy it is, I was pleasantly surprised at how much quieter it was over the Oster (maybe 40% reduction). In terms of blending, wow, no comparison what so ever to the Oster. While the Oster really struggled to blend frozen fruit, ground flax seed, Greek yogurt, and some V-8 juice, the Ninja blended it without any effort in only three pulses (and I really don't understand how some reviewers faulted the Ninja for not blending smoothies perfectly)! The Ninja is an impressive piece of engineering that is the epitome of thoughtful consumer design. The machine is hefty, the pitcher made of quality and durable polycarbonate, and I expect this blender to last way beyond the two to three years I get out of a typical $30 blender. I haven't crushed ice yet for margaritas, but I expect it will handle that task given how powerful the motor is and the sharpness (and number of blades). But, as others have warned, the blades are unbelievably sharp. Despite knowing this fact, I still managed to slice my index finger severely (should have had 3-4 stitches-but I am stubborn, just rubbed some dirt in it) while trying to extract the last bit of smoothie from the pitcher (warning, do no turn upside down without the lid locked firmly in place-the blade apparatus slides out very easily). While some might fault the Ninja for my injury, it was operator error all the way. So do not underestimate the blades, and in fact, I clean it by a few drops of Dawn, hot water, a couple of pulses, rinse and then done. Don't even try to take out blade assembly out and wash, too much chance for error. I also love the suction cups that keeps the Ninja firmly on the counter, it doesn't move like the Oster did when blending (though some might complain that moving the Ninja from the counter-top to a cabinet might find the suction cups annoying). Finally, after comparing the reviews between the Ninja Professional vs. the entry level Ninja, I decided to go with the Professional because of the single serve options. Haven't used them yet but I can see the utility of having them (not to mention, it seems the Professional is a bit more heavy duty than the entry level Ninja). If you are wondering if the Ninja price tag, more three times of a bottom end blender is worth it, I will attest that the Ninja Professional is worth the extra cost.