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  • Butch - love marmot

    Got this to endure a lot of rain and it does the trick. I looks really nice, and although it's thin, I think it can hold up to a bit of a beating. Couldn't be happier cause I'm keeping dry!

  • P A Haspel - Not 100 %

    This oil is fragrant and not 100% argan oil. I wanted something purely argan oil not one with additives. The fragrance is very strong and not appealing. I was disappointed because this product was not inexpensive so I am out $ 25+. I would not order anything from this vendor again

  • Louise Larabie - tendinitis gone in 4 hours

    used it for 4 hours and my one year problem with shoulder tendinitis disappeared (before I was not able to do much with the arm)

  • Miss May - It's like being at the salon all over again, except...worse

    I was hoping this product would help...correct some of the damage done (with keywords like "fresh" and "soft") during the bleaching process with my stylist and help speed along the results (we were going from a medium brown and doing the highlighting method to a gold blonde every month to prevent the usual damage/total burn out, then planning on getting that to a whitish blonde). This product was worse for my hair than anything I did at the salon. Or outside of it, come to think about it (including bleaching it myself and box color).