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  • Anthony T. - Dont be Lazy, just brush your dog's teeth

    I have been using it and it has been keeping my dog's breath fresh but that's it, there is nothing more to this product but that, it doesnt clean their mouth, or fight plaque build up. I suggest just buying dog toothpaste and tooth brush and brushing their teeth. I was lazy and wanted to see if this would be the same as brushing their teeth. its not. Don't be lazy like my and brush your dogs teeth

  • DakOdin - Nice free gift

    Cute and soft bear! Don't really know what I'll do with it (received it free with a $75 toy purchase) but nonetheless it's good quality.

  • Timothy Sweet - I'm a fairly intelligent person and this mistake is 100% my fault but ...

    This product works! Very, Very well... You delivered just as you promised. My only suggestion is that you adjust the size of the printing of the directions/warnings. I'm a fairly intelligent person and this mistake is 100% my fault but I think your product managers should consider a 30pt font, bold and underlined... 3D if possible that screams to people like me. The person who thinks "I got this.. No big deal... Just place a little on the twig n berries and lets clean up the track to the back door... Why not?" Shame The F on Me! It's clearly printed on the bottle and I clearly should have read the directions... Lesson learned. The horrible burn continues as I write this post but I feel obligated to warn dummies like myself that you should keep this clear of your most valuable assets... Worked great on the small patch of hair on my back. 😊

  • Amazon Customer - Want to look like a professional?

    Needed to drill 65 holes for can lights in a delicate ceiling tile. Worked well as long as we drilled slow. The tile did not chip and the light fit like a glove. great product.