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Pharma China Seminar - Home - Building Success in China's Pharma Sector is a one-day seminar providing both orientations and insights into all important aspects and contemporary trends/issues of the Chinese pharmaceutical industry and marketplace today.

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  • T. Norris - Great except for Roofs

    This program is ok but primarily for floor plans. After designing a few homes one doesn't need the 3D imagery of furniture in a room. It may help some visualize what the product could look like but the choices of furniture styles and lamps is also a hindrance. Floor covering types is also limiting.

  • cocii - Finally someone has THEE Answer for America

    I got a pre-release copy of this book and after reading the back cover first - which asks not to thumb through the book but start from the first page on - I lived an emotional roller coaster. I kept thinking there is no way the author found an answer - BUT HE DID. AND not just one answer but several. I have never ever been so excited about a book because it gave me a game plan. Something "I" could do. So many other books talk about their answer but it's too overwhelming. This author has made some astounding discoveries and when pieced all together in a time line, your jaw will drop. You have got to read what 'the powers to be' are planning for our youth - it will make you sick! Don't just buy one copy, buy several and get everyone reading them at the same time so you can gather later and start making plans. Things are in place NOW for these solutions to work - you need to get this book in everyone's hands.

  • pabookgal - Great multi use light that is really BRIGHT !

    I am so glad i got this ! This is a great little flash light that can be used for so many different purposes. First it is compact and can be easily stored any where . It is light weight and can be easily carried with the multi positional handle .What is most unique about this flash light , is that it has two different ways it can be transformed for use. The first is more like that of a traditional flash light and the second is that of a portable lantern. The light bulb on this thing is VERY bright ! It will light up the area needed extremely well. Just don't stare into the light though b / c it will cause visual disturbance .

  • Kenneth C. Kenney - Spirit and Psychology

    The Trinity is an effective and primary metaphor in many faith and cosmological traditions. The psychological drivers that propel the Trinity concept are diverse, universal, and archetypal. Richard Rohr's conceptualization of the spiritual and psychological dynamics of this intriguing idea are well developed. They emerge in his clear thinking and artful writing. This work enriches me, and I appreciate the contributions of Mike Morrell. This is a wonderful effort.

  • Carlene - great product

    I have no idea why there are negative reviews. I used the expensive product from my wax salon and it didn't work. I had at least ten ingrown hairs. The salon told me I should not be waxed. I called my niece and she told me to buy this product. I used it for one week and all the ingrown hairs are gone. I went to the spa today and told my tech. She is going to buy it. I love this product! I would completely recommend this product to everyone.

  • Elisa - Awesome Cleanser

    I am really satisfied with this product. So far its the best I have come across. When I say it cleans you out,it cleans you out. The first time I used it, it was in powder form. When I lokked in the toilet, I could not for the life of me imagine where all that waste came from inside of me. I'm switching to the pill to get away from the taste of the powder, but I would definitely recommend this cleanser to anyone.