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  • Valeria Duron - Satisfied

    I'm glad I purchase this set, I have no complains. It come complete, without scratches and it looks real good. All for a very affordable price.

  • andrea - Love my isosensual

    I have desired the perfect butt for so long, as a curvy woman I desire every part of my body to be even with one another to feel complete, after having kids back to back I somehow lost that perfect feeling, I let myself go , now it's been almost two years since I've given birth and for the last 3 months I have gone beyond all strength to get back my curvy butt and body, I searched every possible butt enhancing product and finally I came across isosensual butt enhancement I did readers hobby this product and read every review there is for 2 months straight and was scared that it was another product ppl claim to work. When I tell you this stuff is the real deal, I mean I've managed to Knock Nikki Manaj out of the ball park, the difference is my booty is natural it's permanent, Thanks to isosensual, I love this product , and this product will forever be one that I will use as long as it exists! I recommend this to any women looking to boost or get a bigger butt!!!! Ps my husband will not keep his eyes off my apple bottom!!! Isosensual is my new best friend!

  • AnselsMom - Very good kickboxing workout for beginners

    I really like this workout. I have zero kickboxing experience and am in mediocre shape, and I have found this video to be challenging, but not at all impossible. The setting looks professional and the instructor is easy to understand and explains the moves well. I plan to keep using it a couple of times a week and then move on to the advanced video.

  • Potatowalker - better than expected

    I'm very happy with this set of combination wrenches. I've had cheap wrenches that rounded off on the first heavy use - these did not. I put over 60ft-lbs of torque on the 17mm and it did not show any damage. The middle part is thinner than my Craftsman set, so if you ran it over with a truck one would likely bend, but used properly I did not feel it bend. The roll that comes with it is better quality than I expected - nylon fabric with pvc backing instead of just stitched pvc. The wrenches were all there, no missing or doubled sizes as others have reported and it does not have any excessive smells. It could have a better closure strap, instead of the flimsy nylon cord that was just tied onto an eyelet, but for the price I didn't even expect one of those. I can always just add a cinch-strap if I find it necessary. Overall, very good set of wrenches for an awesome price. I would recommend this to anyone looking for a less-expensive set of wrenches.