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  • Andrew barragan - It exceeded my expectations

    This Island was totally worth it for camping over the weekend. It exceeded my expectations. It says it can only hold 8 but it can hold more. We were 12 on it a one point. Totally worth investing in one of these.

  • Jaci - bags

    I got these to clean out closet space that is full of linens, extra blankets, sleeping bags, winter coats, etc. The space under my bed is empty and I thought I could use these to fill it up. The bags that work do work very well and I am happy with them. However, I had four bags that lost the compression and had to throw away. I did like this product (when it works properly) but I would not want to buy again.

  • Rocket Scientist - Not much difference from 2012 year version.

    I haven't noticed any performance or other advantages on my family computers, when upgraded from KAV 2012 to KAV 2013. Generally, it works fine and slows down computer much less, compared to Norton,Mcafee and others. The only major drawback I see is in unresponsive suppport. I have a license problem, created support ticket on January 4th, and it is still unanswered !

  • Dakota winstead - I love this system

    I love this system. I started to see results in 3 days. It is not as harsh as I have read in other reviews. I experienced no burning or redness. The only down fall was the Step 3 product witch is a moisturizer and medicine, tend to make my skin oily and shine. My face is naturally very oily so if yours is I would use very little moisturizer, not much is needed. That is why I gave it 4 stars. But overall Iam very happy with this product.

  • Georgette Kearney - Great for adding scents to your washing machine:)

    As someone who is new to essential oils, this was perfect for me because it is great for me to use in a diffuser or simply use throughout my house. Upon arrival, I was excited to use it because I have heard of the wonders lavender oil has when you are using it on your body versus putting it in a diffuser. When you open the bottle, it does have a strong lavender scent so you don't have to really use a lot of it to get your point across. I typically use it on my body instead of using perfume and I normally put it in my washing machine with my sheets to give them a lavender scent when I am washing them. If you have wool balls, I would recommend that you put at least one or two drops on the ball to help spread the scent around while it is drying in your clothes. Like many oils, it will stain your furniture if any is dropped on your furniture so I would be very careful. The only negative thing that I would have to say about the lavender essential oil is that it does not last long, if you are using it as a perfume instead of putting is in the diffuser like you should. After the initial drop, it does help you to calm down so if you have a fussy baby or feeling grouchy, I would highly recommend that you keep this around to help you destress. I received this item at a discount in exchange for my honest opinion. My opinion of the item is 100% of my own opinion.

  • Camille Hardin - So far so good. I hold their fur back just above their ...

    I have two small inside dogs with short hair. So far so good. I hold their fur back just above their tail and spray directly on skin. For the rest of their body, I spray it on my hands and rub it all over their body. I also spray the front door mat. The aroma is really nice (cedar oil). I have always used the flea/tick "poison" at the vet's office, b/c of my fear about getting them all over the house. After reading so many negative articles about how bad it is for the dog, I finally was willing to try something "natural". And like I said, so far so good. I put it on them about every 3 days for about a month now.

  • Wendy Racine - A nice light-hearted read

    Tired of dealing with the craziness at home, Georgie decides to go on trip to Italy. She is hoping to explore and to make some progress on a certain aspect in her life. While on her extended vacation, she meets Gianluca. Gianluca has been down for some time and has been coasting through life. When he meets Georgie, she definitely brings some spunk into his life. What will happen between these two and how will it affect them?