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PMC Pharmacy - A Medication Management Pharmacy Serving Pennsylvania, New Jersey and Delaware - PMC Pharmacy is a medication management and medication synchronization company serving Pennsylvania, New Jersey and Delaware.

  • http://www.pmcrx.com/script-align-for-the-visually-impaired.html ScriptAlign for the Visually Impaired - At PMC, we offer a program specifically designed for the Visually Impaired (VIP).
  • http://www.pmcrx.com/for-the-patient-and-caregiver/ For the Patient and Caregiver - PMC Pharmacy for the patient and caregiver. We specialize in providing pharmacy solutions that help patients manage their pain medications.
  • http://www.pmcrx.com/for-the-patient-and-caregiver/managing-your-pain-medication.html Managing Your Pain Medications - PMC Pharmacy specializes in providing Innovative Medication Management services for Patients living with Pain.
  • http://www.pmcrx.com/for-the-patient-and-caregiver/pain-patient-faq.html Pain Patient FAQ - Many patients have the same questions about how PMC Pharmacy can help them. Read our Pain Patient FAQ to see if your question is here.
  • http://www.pmcrx.com/for-the-patient-and-caregiver/managing-all-your-pain-medication.html Managing ALL Your Medications - Wouldn’t it be Great if you could Consolidate ALL of your Medications into ONE Easy to Manage Monthly Package?
  • http://www.pmcrx.com/for-the-patient-and-caregiver/script-align-faq.html ScriptAlign® FAQ - PMC Pharmacy patients frequently have questions regarding how ScriptAlign® works. Read our FAQ to find out more about ScriptAlign®
  • http://www.pmcrx.com/for-the-healthcare-professional/ Primary Care & Specialist - PMC Pharmacy can help the healthcare professional with all their medication management needs.
  • http://www.pmcrx.com/for-the-healthcare-professional/pain-practices/ Pain Practices - PMC Pharmacy specializes in providing Responsible, Innovative, Medication Management Services for Patients suffering from Chronic Pain.
  • http://www.pmcrx.com/for-the-healthcare-professional/pain-practices/pain-prescriber-faq.html Pain Practices FAQ - Many pain prescribers have questions about how PMC Pharmacy handles various situations. Our FAQ for the pain practices will answer most of these questions.
  • http://www.pmcrx.com/for-the-healthcare-professional/home-health-organizations/ Home Health Organizations - What if you could manage patient medication easily and without having to fill a Pill Box? Now you can!
  • http://www.pmcrx.com/for-the-healthcare-professional/primary-care-physicians/ Primary Care Physicians - PMC Pharmacy helps primary care physicians through innovative medication management.
  • http://www.pmcrx.com/for-the-healthcare-professional/physicians-for-the-visually-impaired.html Physicians for the Visually Impaired - For many visually impaired individuals, managing their Medication can be a big challenge. PMC Pharmacy has been working closely with many people in the visually impaired community
  • http://www.pmcrx.com/for-the-healthcare-professional/hospice-administrator-program.html PMC Pharmacy Hospice Administrator Program - Looking to reduce the amount your organization spends on medication? Learn how PMC Pharmacy can reduce medication cost.
  • http://www.pmcrx.com/pain-articles.html Pain Medication Management - PMC Pharmacy helps both doctors prescribing pain and patients with pain. Learn more about how PMC Pharmacy can help you manage your pain, or your patient's pain.
  • http://www.pmcrx.com/script-align-articles.html ScriptAlign® Medication Management - PMC Pharmacy articles about ScriptAlign®. ScriptAlign® is a medication management program for patients, and ScriptAlign® improves patient adherence.

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  • Chris - Tip his great accuracy, highly recommend this product

    This does the job, the pointed tip is perfect for accuracy. Highly recommend and comes with enough to last awhile.

  • MrsDHill1708 - Nice Reboot

    This was a nice new twist on the Archie comics. I can't wait to read the next issue. It's Archie comics meets the 21st century.

  • Shari armstrong - LOVE IT!!

    Love this product. After I wash my face I use this on a cotton ball and rub it all over my face, never fails, it takes of more dirt

  • Cleow - Does not last

    We loved our uppababy when we first got it. Used the bassinet when we travelled and our son slept in it until he was about 6 months old. On one of our early trips via plane, the airline broke the seat frame and we had to go to Uppababy for help. They made us purchase a new seat. It was around $69. Then not even a year later the seat broke again with my son snapping it with his feet. I called Uppababy and they told me that they don't make that model anymore and that I could send it in for repair at a cost of $40 or I can buy a whole new seat that would fit the frame for $189! Terrible customer service and very poorly designed product for a child to break the frame. They need to go back to re-disgn this so this doesn't happen! For $700+ for the system you would think it wouldn't break!

  • Brent D. Payne - Very Thorough Book

    I decided to purchase this just too see how detailed it could get and how helpful it would really be . . . it seems amazing! I plan on giving it to a friend of mine that will be studying for the LSAT later this year. We shall see how well it does then and I'll update this review.

  • Gregory Smith - My 5-year-old niece loved it.

    A lot of children's books offer one story at the most, so I felt this was a great value, 100 stories as opposed to one. The quality is superb to, my niece absolutely loved it, especially the story about how the bees used cactus needles to get their stings after getting tired of the bears stealing their honey. The illustrations are beautiful, some of them reminds me of Aesop, the famous Greek fable writer.

  • Alex T - It actually works... HOPE RESTORED!

    I don't think I've ever written a review before, so know that this is a big deal. It's going to be long too.