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  • Pablo - Not meant for high class ghosts

    I tried to conjure up some ghosts and I was extremely unsuccessful. I did it alone, on the phone with a medium, and with two other people, and nothing. The board is glow in the dark, which is a nice touch in case the ghost has problems finding their way to the little stone. I think the ghosts I live with are too pretentious to talk to me using a plastic triangle and a cardboard box. I'm ashamed to use it now after hearing them scoff at me.

  • Emïly - Move over Urban Decay!

    Much better primer. Have been using this product a little over a month. Even my make up removers have a hard time making it budge! I love the wear. No creasing. Not sticky or patchy. Better than using a concealer or the urban decay primer. I made the switch after making this purchase.

  • LA Mom - Good basic umbrella stroller, fabric faded in two months

    The stroller itself is great. Aside from being a little tricky to open and close (but not too difficult), it functions well and fits our needs for an extra lightweight stroller. My main complaint is with the fabric. We bought the stroller in July, used it for a week on a trip in NY, brought it home in August and stored it on the front porch next to our UPPAbaby Cruz (which we love but don't want to fly with). In October (two months later), I went to use it again and noticed the black fabric was now purple because the sun had faded it. Because part of the top cover was collapsed, the color is inconsistent and looks really bad. I am going to contact the company and see if they can replace the fabric on top because it shouldn't have faded this much in such a short period of time (even in LA). Aside from that, the stroller is a high-quality umbrella stroller. I purchased the UPPAbaby travel bag with it and really liked how easy it was to fit into it. The sun shade is nice. There isn't a reclining function, but my baby slept fine in it. If this were to be your everyday stroller, I'd recommend getting the L-Luxe instead. It reclines and appears to have a more substantial basket.

  • Katrina - It was good

    This book was boring the first one took me a couple hours to read, the second the same. This one days I just couldn't get into it.

  • Skizik - Biggest Waste of $500

    I just had a 10" Solatube installed in my bedroom by the manufacturer. I went with the solatube since the way the eaves of the roof came down it was difficult to add more windows. It's the biggest waste of $500 that I've ever spent. It's in relatively small area of a bigger room that doesn't get a lot of light. The tube hardly changes the atmosphere of the room. Not sure if I should tell the installer to take it out, but that's just going to cost me more. I know other people have had more success with these, but I feel it's important to state that not everyone finds this product wonderful.