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  • marteldann - Contributes to skin firmness

    My husband is a quiet man and seldom comments on my appearance. However a month after I started using these he said your skin looks so much softer and smoother than it used to - what are you doing? I did run out for a while and did not repurchase. I really noticed my skin texture and firmness decreasing so went back to these. I cut them in half and use half in the morning and half at night - it seems to be plenty that way.

  • Amazon Customer - AMAZING!!

    I had two set in stains, one on a grey sofa and one on a mattress. This cleaner completely got rid of both stains in a matter of minutes. I only used a teeny tiny bit of the cleaner and the stains disappeared. If you're thinking of getting this you definitely should, it's amazing!

  • Bruce - highly recommended!

    Fast Delivery, The item arrived earlier than the date given,I was quite surprised how good it is its not a bad picture and easy to use.All in all a very nice little camcorder for the price

  • SquirlyGrl - Wonderful resource with lots of tips and information

    Wonderful resource with lots of tips and information. Will be using this book for years to come. GREAT Amazon price too!

  • Harley McDaniel III - Self help book for the frustrated married man

    This self help book is well written and organized. It is filled with very readable, practical information for married men looking to breathe excitement, energy, and fun into their marriage and their life. The author has a way with words and I have highlighted over 50 different sentences in the book which I enjoyed and have enlightened me. I have used the male action plan (MAP) advice this book has given me in my marriage of 10+ years and have seen awesome results. Book was updated in 2015 with some additional lessons learned from men running the MAP. The author does not have many academic credentials for the topic, but his knowledge of the challenges married men have are excruciatingly accurate and his recommendations are simply put: well crafted brilliance.

  • bag991 - Perfect case for Apple Pencil users

    Perfect case for Apple Pencil users. Feels good but I'm guessing with the material it might fray over time but not bad for the price.

  • Jennyrocks - Great Product!

    I will be the first to admit - I dont follow through with anything. Period. (as far as weight loss is concerned anyway). I have been doing Body by Vi in spurts. For about 2 weeks, I will be religious about it, lose a SIGNIFICANT amount of weight and then get distracted and stop for a bit. I KNOW if I just keep doing it, it will work wonders. The taste is pretty good as long as you blend it with something. I generally do strawberries or raspberries. It does work, you just have to make sure you follow through with it!!!