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Primal Health Research Databank | Definition - Defines the term 'primal health' and the purpose behind the Primal Health Research Centre and its databank.

  • http://www.primalhealthresearch.com/introduction.php Primal Health Research Databank | Introduction - Describes the genesis of primal health, the Primal Health Research Centre and databank.
  • http://www.primalhealthresearch.com/contact.php Primal Health Research Databank | Contact us - Provides contact information for Michel Odent and the Primal Health Research Centre.

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  • Bryan H - Warning about access code

    Warning: The access code that is included with this text is for "Thomsonone" which is a database of financial information on major businesses. Many courses that require this book also require the "CengageNow" access code for completing graded homework. The cengagenow code is an additional $140. Make sure your class will not require completing homework within the publishers online environment before buying this book.

  • Steve Glass - The History of Birmingham after the Nation's Camera Left in 1963

    History never stops. Time doesn't end. For the city of Birmingham, 1963 is just one year in many of the "The Magic City's" existence.

  • pico1 - Love Continues

    This is another great story in the Dungeon Fantasy Club Series. I have read all of the stories in the series, and enjoyed them. This story is built around the same theme as the others – the wedding of Declan and Zoey – and the Dungeon Fantasy Club in Declan’s home. Veronica is Declan’s cousin, and therefore attends the wedding. Hunter is a close friend and also comes for the wedding. The two of them had an affair 10 years ago, and the intense feelings they felt at that time are reignited when they meet at Declan’s home. The intense emotions they feel and express, and the added complication that they had a son that Hunter knows nothing about, makes for a interesting, complex and emotional story – with plenty of sex and spanking to spice it up.

  • RIC W/O THE K - Horrible chemical smell with Pampers

    We've used Pampers swaddlers since leaving the hospital, until recently. Recently we received a shipment of Pamper Swaddlers and immediately notice a strong chemical smell after opening the diapers. The smell was so strong that it was nauseating. At first we thought that maybe the smell was from the UPS truck that it was shipped on, but there are three individually sealed packs in the box. So after reading some reviews on Amazon and Babycenter I found out that other parents notice the same smell. The parents in some of the reviews said they notice the chemical smell (not the powder fresh smell) and said that their little one had experienced diaper rashes that they believed was caused from using the chemical smelling Diapers. I also thought that this might be an amazon only issue. But I went to Target and SAMs and found the same smell in many of the diaper boxes on the shelves. So I wonder if this is a Pampers manufacturing issue. It's sad because I really liked Pampers, now we have are little one in Huggies. We've experienced a couple of leaks with Huggies, which we were able to fix with proper positioning of the diaper. Huggies have a fresh smell, this puts my mind at ease knowing that I'm not exposing my child to a diaper that smells like motor oil. While the smell does dissipate after a few days it's still noticeable,which is unacceptable.

  • You Satisfied? - Let's file a class action suit against producer Molina !

    Some bad movies appeal in strange ways and become cult classics. This movie is null as a source of entertainment and will never become any kind of a classic. Do not let its producer, Molina, forever rob you of the few minutes it takes to determine that letting this picture run is pointless.