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Healthcare for Professionals | PROFMED - Profmed is a restricted medical aid scheme that is open to professionals who have obtained a minimum of a four-year degree.

  • http://www.profmed.co.za/Profmed-About/Profmed-About-Students.asp Profmed | Affordable Medical Aid for Students - For the best hospital cover at the lowest student rates in the industry, join Profmed now at only R416 per month.
  • http://www.profmed.co.za/Profmed-About/Profmed-About-Why-Choose.asp Profmed | About Us | Why Choose Us? | - As the largest restricted medical aid scheme for professionals in south africa, Profmed offers excellent service and a wide range of benefits.
  • http://www.profmed.co.za/Profmed-About/Profmed-Partners.asp Profmed | About Us | Our Partners - Visit the below links to find out more about Profmed’s partners and the services they provide Profmed.
  • http://www.profmed.co.za/Profmed-About/Industry-Related.asp Profmed | About Us | Industry Related Links - The links on this page provide access to relevant medical scheme industry players.
  • http://www.profmed.co.za/Profmed-Who-Qualifies Profmed | Who Qualifies? - Who qualifies for Profmed - Profmed medical aid scheme - offering healthcare benefits to individuals with degrees
  • http://www.profmed.co.za/Profmed-Benefits/Index.asp Profmed | Benefits | 5 Excellent Medical Cover Options - Profmed restricted medical aid scheme offers five excellent options from which to choose, depending on your needs and financial position.
  • http://www.profmed.co.za/2017-Profmed-Benefits 2016 Profmed Benefits | PROFMED - For queries on the 2015 benefits, or any other enquiries or to obtain a hard copy of the 2015 documents, please call Client Services on 0860 679 200.
  • http://www.profmed.co.za/Profmed-Benefits/Profmed-Benefits-Propinnacle.asp Profmed | ProPinnacle | Extensive Medical Cover - Our most extensive medical cover option, ProPinnacle provides complete peace of mind. Profmed medical aid scheme offers you comprehensive in-hospital cover
  • http://www.profmed.co.za/Profmed-Benefits/Profmed-Benefits-Prosecure-Plus.asp Profmed | ProSecure Plus | Comprehensive Medical Cover - A comprehensive medical aid option, ProSecure Plus provides in-hospital cover and private ward rates for maternity (post-delivery).
  • http://www.profmed.co.za/Profmed-Benefits/Profmed-Benefits-Prosecure.asp Profmed | ProSecure | Comprehensive Hospital Cover - The Profmed ProSecure option provides comprehensive in-hospital cover as well as chronic and day-to-day medical expenses cover.
  • http://www.profmed.co.za/Profmed-Benefits/Profmed-Benefits-Proactive-Plus.asp Profmed | Hospital and Minimum Benefit Cover - Proactive Plus medical aid option provides comprehensive in-hospital benefits, and cover for prescribed minimum benefits.
  • http://www.profmed.co.za/Profmed-Benefits/Profmed-Benefits-Proactive.asp Profmed | ProActive | Baseline Medical Cover - As a baseline medical aid cover option, ProActive offers comprehensive in-hospital benefits, and cover for prescribed minimum benefits.
  • http://www.profmed.co.za/DSPN Designed Service Provider Networks | PROFMED - Profmed’s philosophy is to provide quality, comprehensive healthcare while maintaining affordable contributions. In order to strike the necessary balance
  • http://www.profmed.co.za/Profmed-Benefits/Profmed-Benefits-Multiply-Wellness-Programme.asp Profmed | Wellness Programme | Healthly Lifstyle - The Multiply Wellness Programme encourages members to lead a healthy lifestyle by providing incentives and rewarding members when certain goals are reached
  • http://www.profmed.co.za/profmed-baby PROFMED Baby | PROFMED - There is so much to learn about being pregnant. Profmed Baby will provide you with support to make this journey as enjoyable as possible for you!
  • http://www.profmed.co.za/Profmed-Benefits/Profmed-Benefits-International-Medical-Assistance.asp International travel medical assistance | PROFMED - It is imperative that all members, including members in the SADC Region, authorise their international travel cover prior to departure.
  • http://www.profmed.co.za/Profmed-Scheme-Information/Index.asp Profmed | Medical Scheme | Information - Profmed's benefits and excellent service are offered at affordable rates. Profmed's vision is to address the healthcare needs of professionals
  • http://www.profmed.co.za/Profmed-Scheme-Information/Profmed-Scheme-How-To-Claim.asp Profmed | Scheme Information | How to Claim - Profmed medical aid scheme aims to make claims as user-friendly as possible for its members. In most cases claims are submitted electronically
  • http://www.profmed.co.za/Profmed-Scheme-Information/Profmed-Scheme-Pre-Authorisation.asp Profmed | Scheme Information | Pre-Authorisation - It is the member's responsibility to obtain pre-authorisation, which should be obtained at least seven days prior to the commencement of treatment.
  • http://www.profmed.co.za/Profmed-Scheme-Information/Profmed-Scheme-Prescribed-Minimum-Benefits.asp Profmed | Scheme info | Prescribed Minimum Benefits - PMB's covered by Profmed are a feature of the Medical Schemes Act, in terms of which Profmed have to cover costs related to diagnosis, treatment and care.
  • http://www.profmed.co.za/Profmed-Scheme-Information/Profmed-Scheme-Board-Trustees.asp Profmed | Scheme Information | Board of Trustees - Profmed medical aid scheme is managed by a Board of Trustees, of which five are elected by members and five are appointed by the Board.
  • http://www.profmed.co.za/Profmed-Scheme-Information/Profmed-Scheme-Reference-Pricing.asp Profmed | Scheme Information | Reference Pricing - Profmed applies generic reference pricing to acute medicines, and both generic and therapeutic reference pricing to medicines used for chronic conditions.
  • http://www.profmed.co.za/Contributions.asp Profmed | Contributions | Information and Rates - Contributions are due in advance by the 3rd of every month. Debit order payments must be arranged by completing and submitting a Debit Order form.
  • http://www.profmed.co.za/Profmed-Member-Services/Broker-Consultancy-Services.asp Profmed | Member Services | Broker Consultancy Services - Only an accredited broker may provided services relating to Profmed. These services allow members’ day-to-day interaction with the Scheme to run smoothly.
  • http://www.profmed.co.za/Profmed-app Profmed Mobi App | PROFMED - The new updated version of the mobi-app includes additional features to improve your experience. The updated functionality includes the ER locator

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  • J. Somers - Easy to use

    If you have used Excel you can use this easily. More features, more sorting capabilities, more field options. Within a few hours I was doing most functions that I wanted to try with little need for the help button. A very good data base management tool.

  • Maranatha - Peep for a princess

    Maxi-Cosi? I had never heard of them. Luckily, my wife had and convinced me to check out their car seats. She had decided she was ordering the Pria 70 for her car and after reading way too many online reviews of innumerable car seats, I decided I would too.

  • Carroll B - Zanfel Poison Ivy Wash

    This stuff does not work; it is overpriced "snake oil". I had poison ivy three places on my arm. A friend gave me a tube of Zanfel. I used it exactly like the directions say to, and it did nothing to remove the itching. The cream feels like a facial scrub, being abrasive, and did nothing to relieve the itching. Maybe Zanfel would work if you used it when you first came into contact with the plant to remove the oil that causes the itching and rash, but once the rash has developed, Zanfel is useless. In this case, when you first had contact with the plant, lye soap or a mild bleach solution would probably do a better job and cost a lot less. I finally bought some Ivy Dry spray and this dried the symptoms up with 2-3 days, and bought immediate relief when first applied.

  • Brain - Feel good NOW!!!! Two thumbs up!!!

    The Diatomaceous has given me energy & feeling good qualities that I have not experienced ever before!! I can think clearer & feel the vibrations/energy running through my body knowing that my blood & whole internal body system is being cleaned is a true blessing!!

  • inverness - Liked it

    When I first started this book I actually had to look back to the front pages to make sure I had not read it before but, no, it was new this year. Certain parts of the story were eerily familiar.

  • Sarah Hackler - HUBBY LOVES THEM!!!

    My husband LOVES them and is extremely happy with them. They came quickly and the price was reasonable. The price is worth it when the customer is this happy with the product.