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Prof. Pradeep R. Vavia | Institute of Chemical Technology, Mumbai - Prof. P. R. Vavia is a Professor in Pharmaceutics at The Institute of Chemical Technology. Currently, he is the Dean of academic programmes at ICT.

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  • S.R. Kelley - Not the worst, but not the best either

    This borders more between the 2-3 stars. I don't like it, but doubt there is anything much better out there. I'm in a temporary apt where there is no stove top and I like to cook. I thought this would be a good solution. Well, it turned out to be an okay solution, but not a great one. Both burners take forever to heat up. Once the large burner heats up, it defintely gets hot. Way too hot. There is a knob to adjust the temp, but it only says low, medium, hot and once it's hot, it's very difficult to get it down to a normal cooking temp. So you end you either boiling things over or not being able to cook in a timely manner. The small burner is really only good for keeping things warm. Quite frankly it's a pain in the rump and I wouldn't buy one of these things again. I long for a real stove again so my love of cooking will be returned.

  • smatt - The mirror is large and easy to attach

    The mirror is large and easy to attach. Works well. Turn the mirror so the straps attach going in different directions around the headrest, one vertical and one horizontal. I think this is the best way to keep it from moving. Good quality product, thick straps. Good price too!

  • A.B. - Not Natural, But It Still Enhances My Curl Pattern

    My hair is relaxed; however, my curl pattern is so strong that a relaxer cannot full straighten my hair. That being said, I do not naturally have kinky hair except for my edges in the front - I have three grades of hair on my head which range from course in the front, to mega-wavy/curly in the middle crown area and almost straight in the very back near the nape of my neck. I like to use this when I go w/ my "natural" look and it really makes my hair soft and shiny will keeping a frizz free loose curl look. I use it directly after washing my hair while my hair is still soaking wet and I basically saturate my hair with the product and I think that's they key w/ this product in order to make sure it thoroughly moisturizes and doesn't flake.

  • James Breighner - I always use weather tech on all of my new ...

    I always use weather tech on all of my new vehicles. They always fit, and will not let any moisture on the carpets

  • got pitbull - WOW...tried other's, this is great

    I'm 52, live in Az. ( just great for the skin-not). I've been using retinol products for few years. This is the first time I've tried Roc, always been curious, so I did. WOW. I kid you not, I love this stuff. I use a retinol serum/ pump/ brightener ( different brand), after I wash my face, wait a few minutes, then use this as my moisturizer. #1- a little goes a LONG way! don't worry if you're applying enough, you are. #2- I've never been told that my face looks so good. Brighter? smoother? what's your secret? about 5 days after 1st application, and significant results! I'm so glad I tried this I had to share. The retinol brightener before helps too, but if I forget to "pump" and only use this- no worries! Give this a try. So much stuff out there, most is just talk. Not this. wow.. I'm seeing if Roc has the serum I use, because I'm sold!