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Publicenso - Desde 1991 que a Publicenso desenvolve a sua atividade a partir de Leiria, sendo a maior e mais antiga agencia de comunicação da região e a única com certificação de qualidade reconhecida pela SGS segundo a norma ISO 9001-2008.

  • http://www.publicenso.pt/noticias/79/ano-novo-site-novo-para-os-clientes-do-grupo-unifato Ano novo, site novo para os clientes do Grupo Unifato | Publicenso - O início de 2016 começou da melhor forma na Publicenso com a colocação online de um novo projeto web: o site do Grupo Unifato

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    City: -8.611 Porto, Portugal

  • MrAmazon - Yeti's Perfect Contender. Also, the 1 & 2 star ratings explained.

    Now, I want to give a 5-star rating and dispute some of the lower ratings. "Amazon" is not selling this product. The company who IS selling it has to also pay Amazon an $11 fee. That's where that added amount comes from. Also, I would gladly pay that fee because I ordered 2 ($19.99/each) from RTIC's website three weeks ago and they haven't shipped yet because apparently they fulfill larger orders before they fill smaller orders, resulting in back orders of smaller orders. I mean, they've got 1 cup and 30 cup options. Anyhow, I have had one of these cups, as well as an identical Yeti (both 30oz) and the differences are so minuscule that it doesn't matter and makes me regret the $50 I paid for the Yeti. No metallic taste and the ice stays ice so long I can continue to refill my beverage most of the day. My wife uses hers for coffee and she will poor it before she leaves for work and doesn't drink it until the afternoon and it's still the perfect hot temperature.

  • M&M - Please beware!

    First I want to say that I am a distributor for It Works and it is against company policy to sell it works products on EBay, Amazon and Craigslist. If you are getting your products on here beware as they could be expired, tampered with or a different product all together. Also by purchasing here, you are missing out on points and are spending way more than you should.

  • Mary Brown - Wonderful supplement. Take as directed and give some time ...

    Wonderful supplement. Take as directed and give some time to work. Easy open bottle. Pills are packed well also. Item received free for review.

  • IJH67 - An Excellent Product!

    I really love this product. It is pleasant tasting and is easy to use. I have noticed a considerable amount of improvement in the way I feel. I have a lot of confidence in taking Dr. Axe's products because I believe they are of the highest quality. Dr. Axe truly cares. I would purchase this again and again.

  • DennisBarrow - Way too short.

    It is so short, it is very hard to get into. I am 6 ft, I think you need to be about 5 ft for this machine to be usable.

  • Zach - and other mice to find something I was truly happy with. This is the first mouse I have ...

    I am a very picky person when it comes to mice. I have probably tried 30 different mice in the last 5 years. Including spending $100+ on top of the line Razer, Cyborg Rat, and other mice to find something I was truly happy with. This is the first mouse I have ever felt like it has no compromises to make. The fit in hand is perfect for myself, the ability to remove the right side buttons so I dont accidentally hit them. The wireless is better then anything I have ever seen, especially the battery life. All of this with a nice weight and perfect textures. The grip is soft, and the entire thing has a matte finish to avoid the gloss plastic feel. Best mouse on the market.

  • Mutti - Outstanding tool to relieve pain

    We purchased our first Back2Life massager over 4 years ago and it is still working perfectly. We have shared the massager with numerous friends and family members, most of whom have also found relief for back pain by using this machine. It is easy to use and provides pain relief and relaxation. We've shared it so often, we just ordered a second Back2Life Massager so we always have one to share with others.