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  • Grisha - We always use his books when in Europe

    We always use his books when in Europe - well researched and mostly match our actual impression. Food recommendations were very good.

  • K. J. - Great product. Needs a better name!

    I found this soap when I was dealing with ringworm in kittens I foster. I used it on myself to help prevent from contracting ringworm fungas from the kittens which can happen. I never did get ringworm but happily I found a great soap that is really refreshing and nice to use as shower gel.

  • L. Farmer - Had to return :(

    I was so excited to get this bag. Everything came in a timely manner and I used it for a day. In that time, I noticed that my neck was in horrible pain. I didn't have my laptop in there...far from it. Just my little 6" Kindle. Wallet. Keys. Chapstick...a small notebook...nothing crazy heavy. But this bag, which I wore as a sling, was really uncomfortable. Also in that one day I noticed just how large it was. I almost took two ladies at church out trying to squeeze by them with this bag on me...lol. Now don't get me wrong...the bag is AWESOME. It has tons of space and pockets and zipper-pockets.. And it's really sturdy and made well. I really LOVED everything but the size, bulkiness and pain of carrying it around. I'm also about 6 foot tall and I'm not a wimpy girl by any means...but I'm sending it back. Actually I'm thinking about getting another Timbuk2 but this time in small or extra small.

  • problemo - Excellent book!!

    This book really shows how our world is groaning for the coming of the Lord. Dr. Wallack, through his extensive work w/ animals of the wild and the zoo, show the comparison of the various diseases that humans have and how our environment is so lacking in nutrients that we need to have good health. I realize, more than ever, how we have to take charge of our own health in keeping our bodies from getting sick instead of using medicine which creates more sickness with its side effects. Dr. are needed for certain things, but, as Dr. Wallack points out, they have, but a drop of training for our nutritional needs.

  • Tara N. - AWESOME charger. I use it for all my batteries

    I have owned the SureCharge 2010 for 3 years now. I actually purchased it used on Ebay in a carry case for $50. Wanted to lend my feedback. AWESOME charger. I use it for all my batteries, LIpos, NmH etc. I have used it on PB batteries for my sons Power wheels. I can even charge 2 8.7v 3000 mah packs at the same time using the Y adapter for the EMaxx. Never had a problem. The charger even IDed a bad pack one time for me saving me from a fire. I love the versatility, the AC/DC power, all batt. types etc. Super small design, not much space on the bench. I use this honestly every other day, we play a lot and have over 15 RC vehicles. Love it so much I am purchasing the Racer's Edge 4 Port charger w/ the external power supply, tired of having to wait for one pack to charge then swap (1 hr for 4200 mah 8.7v totally dead to full). I have to charge several after playing. I have yet to need any customer service so I am not sure of how they are at that.

  • T. Jerry - Very interesting

    I have always bee intrigued with Australia so the action there was of significant interest. However the whole book was good. Dennis was an interesting guy. He just would not let anything go and he got the job done.