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Real Medicine Foundation - Real Medicine Foundation provides humanitarian support to people living in disaster and poverty stricken areas, focusing on the person as a whole by providing medical/physical, emotional, economic, and social support.

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  • Eric von Goerlitz - but I will recommend it to all of my friends

    Aside from his over the top verbiage (think Ann Coulter) it was very informative. And, frankly, pi**ed me off. Not sure what the answer is for me, but I will recommend it to all of my friends.

  • weedsmoker - Don't leave home without it.

    I have used this sail for 6 years, 2 days a week and I would not go out without it. It is just now cracking and drying out. I have been in every storm condition and I only fell over once when the baton flew out and it cupped liked a parachute due to me not tying it in. When sunstroke from those beers and cigars, it saves your bass as you recline, point to bow home and drink a few more. It is truly made as an enhancement to the peddle drive, sailing very fast as you peddle up to wind speed. Many people comment on the surprising speed, probably due to my hulk like legs.

  • misz.nikki.bby - and the calibration sucks.

    after only a few months of having this phone, the battery life decreases rapidly even when the phone is powered down, the screen freezes up, and the calibration sucks.

  • John K - Go for it

    I was a little bit tentative about ordering this product because of the lack of verified purchases. Though 1stphorm is a respected name in the industry and I follow Weida (one of their atheletes)

  • Laura C. Guinan - Thumbs Up So Far

    Although I am only beginning Chapter 19, I am already in love with this book. It is well planned, suspenseful, and intriguing. The relationship between Holmes and his daughter is well drawn. They complement and challenge one another. I admire the way she gently and subtly gets around him. His determination to keep her at a distance for her protection and his pride in her accomplishments is so within his character. Dr. Watson, is, as always the thoughtful and discreet helpmate and observer. Thumbs up so far.