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  • Mister Fixit - My Garage Doors look like new again.

    I just finished applying this to my Garage Doors. They are about 16 years old and were very oxidized. I first washed them thoroughly to remove all the powdery oxidized paint. I then applied the product using one of the supplied microfiber cloths. I am glad that this was an outdoor project as the odor is quite strong. The finish looks like a new door. Time will tell as far as how well this will hold up, but I am very happy with the result at this point.

  • Michael - He gets constipated all the time because it turned out he is lactose intolerant like his ol' dada

    These are very hard to come by in any local store. They're always out of them. My 18mo old son has had poopie issues since he's been born. He gets constipated all the time because it turned out he is lactose intolerant like his ol' dada. Many formula products are milk base so we have to give 5 drops a day and we mix this with Miralax and voila. No more constipation issues.

  • Anthony Pacheco - Suprisingly Positive and Honest at the Same Time

    This primer is a lot of things. Politically correct and hedging it is not. It goes all in: to improve your marriage, improve your sex life. To improve your sex life, as a man, become a better man. A better man is a man a woman finds more attractive than other men. Where warranted, he backs this with evolutionary theory

  • Jennifer Rooth - Perfect for kids

    My nephew scampered away with my sister's ipod shuffle, so I got him his own filled with his own music. It won't be as easy to accidentally increase the volume (which is good since my nephew is 4), and it's not cost prohibitive, so in the event my nephew does manage to destroy it, I'd be able to replace it. The earphones that come with it are similar to the ipod "isn't worth the plastic it's made of" earpods, but they'll work for a kid.

  • Babs in Florida - For the rich traveler.

    It is too "upper crust' for me. It is for seasoned travelers that spend a lot of money on trips to exotic places and it's OK to spend $2,000 a night on a hotel. Lovely photographs. Enjoy 'off the beaten track" travel stories. Sad that they no longer include their signature "Where Are You?" Photo contest in the printed version. MUST go to website for the contest. Not enough "tips'.

  • Shawna Solomon - excited about this stuff

    I would like to start by saying that I normally am not moved enough, one way or the other, to review products. I am also fairly pessimistic due to having tried a lot of things that haven't worked for me. I have back pain due to injuries, arthritis and FMS. I hoped this product might be helpful but wasn't counting on it. I certainly didn't expect immediate results. A few hours after taking it I found myself pain free. This has lasted 12 hrs now and counting. I will continue use and provide an update but I am wondering if I have finally found what I've been searching for. Will have to continue use to see.

  • momof4 - Informative and well researched.

    I reluctantly began this book because my husband asked me to. After the first few chapters I could not put it down. I do feel the author was divinely inspired, but that is not what got my attention. The average American citizen does not realize the scope of what is happening in our government. They don't understand Presidential Executive Orders and the loss of liberty that we as American's are facing. It has been happening for so long, a slow erosion, that we have barely noticed. Some of the items in the book I could hardly believe and did some research myself (absolutely certain I would find that the facts had been distorted), however, it was just the opposite,I realized the author had a true and correct portrayal of the facts as they stand. As a mother of four teenage boys, I am beginning to understand that if we don't address our loss of freedoms and the deliberate derailing of the United States Constitution that my children or their children will have to pay to get back their freedom with their blood. This book offers the only solution that we know of at this time. The most profound recognition I can give this book is that it simply changed the way I view the world around me and more importantly has altered our family's path for our future.