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SiReLyF | Sindicato Regional de Luz y Fuerza - El SiReLyF reúne a los trabajadores de la electricidad de toda la provincia de Córdoba, excepto la capital y Río Cuarto. Representa a quienes se desempeñan en EPEC, cooperativas eléctricas de la Provincia, en la Central Nuclear de Embalse y en Transener

Country:, South America, AR

City: -58.3817 , Argentina

  • Garean Smith - Nothin'

    1995 chevy lumina. Coolant was leaking into my oil and the mixture was leaking all over my garage. Put this stuff in after hearing all the good news of others. Nothin. Made my engine run harder and spray the coolant-oil sludge even harder. Im just going to replace the Damn gasket or whatever myself. Thanks to Amazon, I managed to creat a shopping list of under $100 to fix it myself. Props to Amazon. But to this stuff... Nope. Maybe my engine was roo far gone for this stuff. So instead I'll just give a 2.

  • Big Al ONE - works well

    First, if you expect it to work over night, it doesn't! If you expect it to work in a week, it won't!

  • bendegen - Reference Guide

    I purchased a few copies of this book for some coworkers. I have a been a fan of "the missing manual" series and this book is no exception. It's a great reference guide.

  • wendy bender - I'm still having problems figuring it out

    It works, but it is taking me forever to add ingredients, then find them as they don't appear in the "find it" where you'd think they would be. Thought it would be easier

  • A.F. Shon - Good Cute Book

    I got the Halloween collection from this author through the free promotion and my son really liked it. So I checked out this collection. First I got the free sample and I liked that the stories were very wholesome, so I ended up purchasing. My seven year old son really liked that many of the stories have surprise endings, which makes it a fun read for kids.

  • Rachel Dawn - Fit of leggings, durability of jeans

    These are fantastic "jeans". They look very much like tight jeans, but without the roll, bunch and pinch of extra denim layers around the hips and knees. The addition of other, flexible fabrics makes them move more like a legging, but with the thickness and firmness of jeans. They give great shape to the lower body and sort of "hold things together" while being flattering to the shape but not uncomfortably squishing everything. I'm not a person who is comfortable in tight pants as a stand alone, but you can wear them just as you would a regular legging (for me, that's with a long shirt or short dress worn as a shirt) and they work perfectly, but give more coverage.

  • Maurice S. Lau - Great Product That Works With Windows 7

    I brought this product because my old Peachtree Accounting Software is not compatible to Windows 7 64 bit. It is as good as the old product. The product itself in the accompanying CD is not compatible to Windows 7. However when you install the program with internet online, it will ask you to download files to make it compatible. Once it is done, the program works wonderfully. But it is a little slow every time when you open the program. When you are in it, everything is fine. This program has fewer options then the Peachtree Complete version. It does not has the fixed asset program if your company needs it. The payroll program is fine as long as you pay a premium to Sage company to update the tax rate information online. There are few changes from the previous version. You cannot change to another period if you did not reconcile you accounts. It does away the edit feature in the purchase/receive entry form. However you can still call up the invoices from the list button option and make change and save it. For a few month already, I did not find any conflict to Windows 7 and it is still working fine. If you do not need the fixed asset program or you have other fixed asset program on hand and your company is small. I highly recommand this product.