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Southern California Fertility Clinic, Fertility Doctor IVF - Reproductive Partners Medical Group, Inc. - Reproductive Partners is group of leading Southern California fertility clinics in Los Angeles, Redondo Beach, and Orange County creating fertility success stories on a daily basis.

  • https://www.reproductivepartners.com/about-reproductive-partners/index.html About Reproductive Partners Medical Group - Southern California Fertility Treatment Center - About Reproductive Partners Medical Group, including our history, doctor's profiles and office locations
  • https://www.reproductivepartners.com/schedule_consultation.html Schedule Consultation with Southern California's Reproductive Partners Medical Group - Please use the form to request an initial consultation with Southern California's Reproductive Partners Medical Group
  • https://www.reproductivepartners.com/about-reproductive-partners/RPMG-family.html Our Extended Family at Reproductive Partners Medical Group - About Reproductive Partners - As this extended family grows, we wanted to create a place where we can all connect, share stories, celebrate success and help others find out how they can experience the same success.
  • https://www.reproductivepartners.com/ivf-success-rates/ivf-success-stories.html IVF Patient Success Story Testimonial - Reproductive Partners Fertility Doctor Profiles - View a patient's heartfelt success story after IVF treatment from Dr. Wisot at Reproductive Partners. This video was shot on location at Reproductive Partners, Redondo Beach.
  • https://www.reproductivepartners.com/fertility-treatment/index.html Fertility Treatments - Fertility Services in Southern California at Reproductive Partners Medical Group - Assisted Reproductive Technology, IVF and other fertility treatments offered by Reproductive Partners Medical Group
  • https://www.reproductivepartners.com/fertility-treatment/southern-california-ivf.html IVF - In Vitro Fertilization in Southern California - Fertility Treatments Reproductive Partners Medical Group - The IVF process at Reproductive Partners is designed to increase factors that contribute to a successful pregnancy and minimize those that don't. There are six main components of an IVF Cycle.
  • https://www.reproductivepartners.com/fertility-treatment/blastocyst.html Blastocyst Transfer - Fertility Treatments at Reproductive Partners Medical Group - Usually, only the best embryos have the ability to grow to the blastocyst stage and the pregnancy rate per blastocyst transferred is better than 3-day-old embryos. This allows the number of embryos transferred to be reduced.
  • https://www.reproductivepartners.com/fertility-treatment/ICSI.html ICSI (intracytoplasmic sperm injection) - Fertility Treatments at Reproductive Partners Medical Group - ICSI (intracytoplasmic sperm injection) has revolutionized IVF because it has allowed us to offer treatment to men for whom no treatment was available.
  • https://www.reproductivepartners.com/fertility-treatment/assisted-hatching.html Assisted Hatching in IVF - Fertility Treatments at Reproductive Partners Medical Group - Assisted hatching was developed from the observation that embryos which had a thin zona pellucida (shell) had a higher rate of implantation during in vitro fertilization.
  • https://www.reproductivepartners.com/fertility-treatment/southern-california-pgd.html Preimplantation Genetic Diagnosis (PGD) - Southern California Fertility Treatments - PGD is a procedure in which one of the cells (blastomere) of the embryo is removed for genetic analysis three days after egg retrieval to identify genetically abnormal embryos.
  • https://www.reproductivepartners.com/fertility-treatment/pgd-for-chromosomes.html PGS - PGS for Chromosomes - Fertility Treatments at Reproductive Partners Medical Group - Pre-implantation genetic diagnosis (PGD) can evaluate the status of an embryo with regard to its chromosomal makeup.
  • https://www.reproductivepartners.com/fertility-treatment/pgd-for-defects.html PGD - PGD for Single Gene Defects - Fertility Treatments at Reproductive Partners Medical Group - A genetic abnormality in the parents may cause a specific disease or syndrome to occur in their offspring or may cause the pregnancy to miscarry. PGD can be accomplished as part of the in vitro fertilization (IVF) process, commonly used to treat infertile couples.
  • https://www.reproductivepartners.com/fertility-treatment/Eeva.html Early Embryo Viability Assessment Test (Eeva) - Fertility Treatments at Reproductive Partners Medical Group - Eeva is an FDA approved test using time-lapsed video to analyze early embryo development and aid in the selection of the best embryo for transfer, freezing or Preimplantation Genetic Screening or Diagnosis (PGS or PGD).
  • https://www.reproductivepartners.com/fertility-treatment/egg-donation.html Egg Donation - Fertility Treatments at Reproductive Partners Medical Group - Reproductive Partners has partnered with Donor Egg Bank USA to offer our patients access to prescreened donors available for immediate cycles.
  • https://www.reproductivepartners.com/fertility-treatment/southern-california-egg-freezing.html IVF Egg Freezing Southern California - Fertility Treatments Reproductive Partners Medical Group - For many of these woman, egg freezing offers both an appealing and relevant option. They can now store their eggs before their fertility is lost or declines due to advancing age.
  • https://www.reproductivepartners.com/fertility-treatment/IUI.html Intrauterine Insemination-IUI - Fertility Treatments at Reproductive Partners Medical Group - One of the more popular infertility treatments to increase the numbers of sperm reaching the egg is intrauterine insemination (IUI) with washed sperm. Placing the sperm in the uterus bypasses the mucus and eliminates a cervical problem as a factor.
  • https://www.reproductivepartners.com/fertility-treatment/HSG.html Hysterosalpingogram-HSG - Fertility Treatments at Reproductive Partners Medical Group - A Hysterosalpingogram (HSG) is an X-Ray procedure that assesses the size and shape of the uterine cavity and the patency (opening) of the fallopian tubes by injecting non- or low iodine based (radiopaque) dye into the uterine cavity through the vagina and cervix.
  • https://www.reproductivepartners.com/fertility-patient-resources/index.html Fertility Patient Resources at Reproductive Partners Medical Group - Patient resources include what to expect during your first visit and common fertility forms
  • https://www.reproductivepartners.com/fertility-patient-resources/your-first-visit.html Your First Visit - Fertility Patient Resources Reproductive Partners Medical Group - The basic elements of an infertility evaluationand what you should expect during your first visit at Reproductive Partners Medical Group.

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