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RMEI - Robert Michael Educational Institute LLC (RMEI) is dedicated to providing healthcare professionals with opportunities for cutting-edge and convenient continuing medical education in a wide variety of therapeutic areas.

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  • Luke Storey - Sceptical at first but pleasantly surprised

    I was very sceptical when buying and trying this for the first time, and perhaps even more surprised when I tried it for the second time and it worked again, confirming that it was having an effect. This product is less of what of what I would call a 'hangover' cure, but more of a feeling drunk cure. After taking it, there is a remarkable effect of feeling less drunk, with better mental clarity and motor function. It obviously cannot help the churning stomach, and the first time I took it, I struggled to keep it down, however it is absolutely worth persevering, as the next morning the only sign that I had been drinking the night before was an upset stomach.

  • Heather - Buyer Beware - won't hang flush to ceiling

    I was so excited to install this light in our baby's nursery. We are extremely frustrated by the fact that the "dome" does not fit over the plate. The IKEA video makes it looks so easy, but there is definitely a fault in the manufacturing, because there is no way to get it to fit. So our light is dangling a few inches from the ceiling. Do not recommend this product.

  • Ratoney - Solid Bike for the money

    First, let me say I'm no professional cyclist but just a guy who was looking for a decent road bike on a budget.

  • Jonathan Strawn - Not always an easy read, but worth the effort

    Some of these stories are truly hard to read, because they are depressing. Some are hard to read because they just aren't that interesting. Some of these aren't even stories(a twitter feed).

  • Eric T. Kilpatrick - Poor Fit makes installation harder than need be.

    I bought this rear shifter bushing for my 04 sti to replace the factory unit that was worn out. I purchased this brand over Cobb and Kart boy because this one in made in the U.S. and has a lifetime warranty. Unfortunately I must give it 2 stars because of the poor fitment when installing the unit. With one bolt installed, the other bolt hole was almost 1/16 off of its corresponding bolt hole in the car. Installation would be impossible without considerable prying on the bushing with a pry bar. For such a simple part I thought this type of poor fitment was unacceptable, hence the 2 stars. Save yourself time, and a headache and just buy a better brand.