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  • Donna Wilson - My waffle maker quit working this Christmas

    My husband gave me this waffle maker about three years ago. I may have used it less than ten times during those three years. This year; Christmas day I make one waffle turned out great, got ready to do the second and noticed it was not maintaining heat. When it worked it is a great waffle iron; but I feel for the price and the few times I used it; I think it should have held up allot longer. Very disappointed.

  • Aimee bush - So cute

    It's what I wanted I started this collection for my niece this year and I have the collection if my own and my nice was born on the same year as the Barbie came out

  • MrNaturl - Solo effort that will quickly go to the CD Trader bargain bin

    Lyrics are ok. Nothing earth shattering. Not up to par with some of his previous work. Vocals have been in retirement too long and it shows on most songs. His dental work makes the slower, softer songs almost unbearable to listen to. This will sit on my shelf until I take it to a used CD store.

  • Stephen Wagner - Great product

    Definitely met expectations as one could hope for in a supplement capsule. Amazon has the best price for all my vitamin needs and Subscribe and Save always keeps one in stock.

  • Dzamora - my favorite shoes. I bought these shoes because the pair ...

    my favorite shoes. I bought these shoes because the pair i had before was falling apart. Im not the type of person that cares to much about having the "fresh" shoes. I wear these pretty much everyday and being in the military I do allot of walking around base. I have had them almost 6 months now and wearing them for long walks and workouts daily, they are still very comfortable and breath very well. the shoes are very light weight and give good support.

  • Enrique A. Serra - My brother recommended me this shampoo and after 2 months my hair ...

    My brother recommended me this shampoo and after 2 months my hair is growing considerably. I was not paying attention and other people made me notice about this fact! I strongly recommend Tio Nacho for hair health.

  • Tisha1 - Day One

    My cb-1 came in the mail on saturday, i didnt take a pill that day. its Sunday and i got up to get ready for work, took a cb-1 (and a maca root). i drove to work but stopped at mcdonalds before( this is only a 10 min commute). i could barely eat a 6 piece chicken nugget meal from mcdonalds! I sat at my desk and began eatting. i reached for a chicken nugget and realize i had ate them all!Then i realize that i am not yet full! im sure i could eat another 4 nuggets if i tried.