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Sakoon - Islamic Counselling Services - Leading providers of Islamic counselling Services. Do you feel, Anxious, depressed......? Call us today 07943 561 561

  • http://www.sakoon.co.uk/about-us/who-we-are/ Who We Are - Sakoon - Islamic counselling services - The service was set up in 2006 by Ayesha Aslam, an individual who wanted to make a difference to the community as a whole, she recruited muslim counsellors
  • http://www.sakoon.co.uk/counselling/what-is-islamic-counselling/ What is Islamic Counselling - What is islamic counselling - Understanding ones faith and culture can help clients feel understood
  • http://www.sakoon.co.uk/services/muslimmarriagecounselling/ Muslim Marriage counselling - Having problems in your marriage? We offer a Muslim marriage counselling service

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  • WiscoProud - Great for the home electrician

    I'm in the process of replacing the outlets in my home and this is great for checking them out to make sure everything is correct. I also use mine to double check I hit the right breaker before digging in.

  • Nona Baker - Oil Pulling Therapy

    Reading this book has convinced me that Oil Pulling is a valid therapy to detox the body and especially if there are issues with the mouth, teeth and gums. I started doing this about a month ago and my arthritis pain is much, much less, my teeth are much whiter (mine have always been a yellow color which made me not want to smile much). I've noticed some changes in and around the stomach area and seem to be digesting foods much better. I've been using Sesame Seed oil which seems to work well. I do it when showering in the morning.

  • Stephanie T. Bass - Great product!

    Renew life makes a great product! I trust this brand and it has helped me through health problems when I couldn't afford to go to the doctor (especially now with the insurance changes). I used this initially this with candigone but for maintenance I will continue to use this.

  • Gary Radecki - Awesome!

    These are the best packaged mashed potatoes, much better than any other "artifical" prepared mashed potatoes. I highly recommend you mix it with either Chicken or Beef Broth, they add great flavor to the mashed potatoes like you have never had before!