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Welcome to Samaritan Regional Health System - Samaritan Regional Health System - Ashland Ohio Hospital - We at UH Samaritan Medical Center are here for you, from our educational resources to our compassionate caring. This online visual is just one of the many ways we are reaching out to you.

  • http://www.samaritanhospital.org/patient-visitor/important-phone-numbers Important Phone Numbers - Samaritan Regional Health System is a 110 bed acute care hospital located in Ashland, Ohio between two of Ohio’s largest cities, Cleveland and Columbus.
  • http://www.samaritanhospital.org/community-services/continuing-education-for-nurses-and-social-workers Continuing Education for Nurses & Social Workers - Continuing Education for Nurses & Social Workers - Samaritan Regional Health Systems - University Hospitals Samaritan Medical Center is offering the final workshop in a four part series to address suicide. This session features suicide bereavement and the church. This program includes 2.6 Contact Hours for Nursing* and 2.5 Clock Hours for S
  • http://www.samaritanhospital.org/physician-provider-directory/find-a-medical-provider Physician / Provider Directory - Samaritan Regional Health System - Ashland Ohio Hospital - Physicians play an instrumental role in your comprehensive healthcare. And we couldn't be prouder of our exceptional team of 117 M.D. and D.O. practitioners on staff.
  • http://www.samaritanhospital.org/patient-visitor/welcome Welcome! - Samaritan Regional Health System - Ashland Ohio Hospital - Whether you are here to visit or you are here for an outpatient procedure or an extended stay, please know that we are dedicated to you.
  • http://www.samaritanhospital.org/career-opportunities/career-opportunities Career Opportunities - Description and Brief Explanation of the Career Opportunities at UH Samaritan Medical Center.

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