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Sancus Solutions - The UK’s largest dedicated investigation skills training company. - Sancus Solutions aim to deliver training products which meet your needs at competitive rates. We have a team of dedicated and experienced people who will work

  • http://www.sancussolutions.co.uk/family-liaison-officer-training/ Family Liaison Officer Training | Sancus Solutions - Sancus training delivers the skills and knowledge required in the critical role of Family Liaison Officer. Call us for more information 01772 282800
  • http://www.sancussolutions.co.uk/advanced-road-death-investigation-course/ Advanced Road Death Investigation | Sancus Solutions - Serious Collision Investigation demands knowledge, experience and professionalism, our scenario based course allows SIO's to develop the required techniques
  • http://www.sancussolutions.co.uk/reviewing-road-death-investigations/ Reviewing Road Death Investigations | Sancus Solutions - The course provides delegates with a structure to carry out an investigation review, identify missed opportunities, good practice and make case
  • http://www.sancussolutions.co.uk/police-misconduct-meetings-and-hearings/ Police Misconduct Meetings and Hearings | Sancus Solutions - With ongoing legislative change this is a good time to take stock of your framework and ensure that it delivers the best possible outcomes in a timely manner.
  • http://www.sancussolutions.co.uk/accountable-officers-training/ Controlled Drugs Accountable Officer Training | Sancus Solutions - Two day Controlled Drugs Accountable Officer Training course. Comprehensive & up to date. For accountable officers & support staff. Call 01772 282800.
  • http://www.sancussolutions.co.uk/courtroom-skills-training/ Courtroom Skills Training | Professional & expert witness training | Sancus Solutions - Courtroom Skills Training. Prepares professional & expert witnesses required to give evidence in court or at a tribunal/ hearing. Call 01722 282800
  • http://www.sancussolutions.co.uk/courtroom-skills-for-healthcare-professionals/ Court Room Skills for Healthcare Professionals | Sancus Solutions - Courtroom Skills training will thoroughly prepare healthcare professionals for giving evidence as a professional or expert witness in tribunals and courts.
  • http://www.sancussolutions.co.uk/criminal-procedure-and-investigations-act/ Criminal Procedure and Investigations Act | Sancus Solutions - Sancus CPIA training provides students with the knowledge to fulfil specific duties according to the CPIA, guidelines, common law and the Disclosure Manual
  • http://www.sancussolutions.co.uk/enhanced-investigative-interviewing-skills/ Investigative Interview Skills Training| | Sancus Solutions - Investigative interview skills training. Reduce risk to your business/organisation by learning how to hold fair thorough investigative interviews.

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  • Bonnerauthor - Seems like there is a verbal announcement five times a day ...

    I've used the free version but was tempted by the advertising to buy the paid version. I think you are probably just as well off as sticking with the free version. If you get either version, search on line for how to turn off the sounds. Seems like there is a verbal announcement five times a day that the virus catalog has been updated. I want anti-virus software to work in the background, not constantly telling me what a good job its doing.

  • Jeannine - Winner

    The first time my hubby was pleased with an electric razor. He is older now and harder to shave and this has been very much an improvement. When he was younger he had something electric and it did not do the job this does. So it was a winner for him this year. It has been over 50 years since he had tried an electric razor but this one worked for him.

  • [email protected] - One of the most important books I have ever read.

    When I first read this book, I was very skeptical about the many claims it makes for HGH.I tried a HGH releaser and have used it for 5 months. I am now lean and mean with a great deal of stamina. Thanks Dr. Katz.I tell people that I am now 60 years old going on l8.I am now trying a Homeopathic HGH. It also seems to work very well with none of the side effects that can be found with HGH.More importantly, I recommeneded this Homeopathic HGH to a friend who is obese and has diabetes. In two and a half weeks, he went from 327pounds to 305 pounds and reduced his waist size by 2 inches. He also reduced his blood sugar count by over 30 points without medication.Thanks Dr. Katz.The information in this book is going to change many people's lives.

  • RdStrcklnd - I love short stories

    I love short stories, and I've found the Best American Series to be the most reliably good collection of them out there. Can't recommend them enough. Hope this helps!

  • Celina Furman - Practice Tests! :)

    This book is overall really great as a starter and the practice tests are SO HELPFUL. I think that if you want to do really well on the GRE you may want to consider buying additional books as this one does not go too in depth on the math concepts. I also found the practice questions easier than what I have encountered on the actual test in the past (for math).

  • Austi hurlburt - Simply BRILLIANT!!!!!!

    Bella Forrest has a truly amazing mind and has done it yet again. As a fan of her other books, I jumped at the chance to read this book and I am so happy I did. Another book that I had a hard time attempting to put down. (Ahh, but the kiddo needed supper, lol)

  • Sue Gambill-Read - Explosive side effect, not worth it

    I took this stuff for awhile before noticing my stools were perpetually loose. At first I thought it was the fish oil. After a particularly bad night when I had to take an antidiarrheal and ended up with a migraine, I got off all my supplements and added them back one by one. Sure enough it was the Schiff Move Free that restarted the diarrhea within 12 hours. Glad to see from these reviews that I am not the only one. And also, it did not do much for my knee pain. Coincidentally, my doctor prescribes about 1/3 the dose contained in this product. I will be trying a lower dose, different company (equiline).