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Valsartan|Irbesartan|Telmisartan|Candesartan Cilexetil--Zhuhai Sanxin Fine Chemical Co. , Ltd - Zhuhai Sanxin Fine Chemical Co.,Ltd, together with her sister company Zhuhai Rundu Mintong Pharmaceutical Co.,Ltd wasestablished in 1996.

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  • Cindy D. Goodwater - best buy

    I love threelac, you can't know how much you need this till you take it daily. I no longer suffer from yeast infections. I have found the best product EVER!! I have tried them all and will no longer have to search for something to keep bad yeast in check.....

  • Ron Moon - Good contour fit, but texture could be improved

    I purchased a set of these mats for a Toyota RAV4. The contour fit is very good and they appear to be of good quality. The texture could be improved to provide better foot traction when wet. Climbing in and out of the vehicle with wet feet causes a lot of slipping. This is the only reason I would not give the product 5 stars.

  • sue g - Always interesting

    Always interesting. Love the cartoon on the cover. Articles and interviews of how chefs got started, kept going and what they would do differently, if anything, if they could do it all again.

  • J. Tran - Pulls Hair

    My hair is thick and wavy, not curly. This item straightens, it just takes a little longer than I'm used to and it has a tendency to pull hair.

  • Josh & Nikki Bird - Great price and product.

    My eyelashes are average. They aren't thin or super thick, their not long or super short either. However, I have always wished for even longer fuller lashes. I have tried other products in the past but haven't been satisfied. I like this option given that it is natural. If you use prescription it can be major $$$. They can also irriatate. This caused NO irritation. It is easy to apply also. The brush is super thin which helps you get the most precise application. You still get enough but not too much. I have noticed my lashes after a couple weeks seem fuller and longer so I am happy with this product and would recommend it. The only possible negative I can think of is the last little bit is a little hard to get out. This is a common problem with most products like this so I still gave it a 5 star. I was given this at discount to give my honest unbiased opinion which I did.

  • Chlöe Nicole Hensley - Intense

    I see a few people giving this bad reviews. I think the point here is that you have to know who Jillian Michaels is. And, if your new to fitness, then you probably won't. She's a pretty intense hardcore fitness professional. And, this game shows it. It doesn't have all the bells and whistles as Wii Fit Plus and other games, but then again, that is not what Jillian Michaels is about. She's about hardcore fitness and getting you to her level.

  • Christopher T - Fits like a glove.

    Floor liner fit perfectly as promised. It took me about 60 seconds to install both front and back seat liners. The driver side front liner had the locks in the exact spot they should be. Fit like a glove and now I feel better getting in my new car during this difficult Chicago winter.