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  • Coco - Another product that doesn't work

    No OTC nail products seem to work. Got an infection in one nail after getting pedicure from local spa (now closed). Have not found any products that have worked to cure the problem.

  • Amazon Customer - Decent floor cleaner

    This floor cleaner leaves the floor nice and clean but sometimes leaves too much water behind which can lead to streaks. I've tried it on my sofa and my cabinets (the smaller attachment) as well as on my scrubbable flat painted walls. It seemed to work well on all surfaces but again leaves things wetter than I think is optimal. Fairly good value in the open box section but at full price I would be disapointed.

  • Julie Freeman - In love with my Cameo 3!

    I am new to the Silhouette world and the Cameo 3 is my first machine. I love it so far! It is so precise, especially the "print and cut" function that allows you to cut your own images. The touchscreen is great and I particularly love the "Redo Previous Job" function. I was cutting out 50 onesie outlines for a baby shower and it was great not to have to walk back to the computer each time.

  • Amazon Customer - I absolutely LOVE Diablo Inferno

    I absolutely LOVE Diablo Inferno!!! I can’t imagine going back to life without it. I take it first thing in the morning before I smash my cardio session and sweat like a maniac. The energy is awesome and it gives me a great kick start to my day!

  • James - Good Alien Battle Story

    I liked all 3 books but the graphic violence was excessive and the destruction of so many humans almost overwhelming. It would be better if the "bad" aliens did not enjoy eating millions of humans or using them for experiments or carving them up.

  • Jess - Super cute - daughter loves this more than "Chip" (the dog robot)

    I love robots - so we recently purchased Cozmo and Chip (the robotic dog by Wowwee). While both are super fun, Cozmo genuinely seems to have more of the personality and to interact more fluidly with me, my 6 year old, and my 1.5 year old. I asked my daughter (age 6) which she preferred, and she said "Cozmo! Because he loves me more. He even says my name." To be fair, Cozmo is new and we've had Chip since last month... but I do understand what she means. Awww. She loves making little homes for him and she lets him win because he gets so upset when he loses. Definitely a toy that fosters nurturing - so cute.

  • Rene Duran - This is a monster

    Love the ps4 so far .. am extremely impress on how the graphics and how it performs. Sony listen to its fans and added all the features we wanted and cant wait to see what else is to come. Not to sound like a fanboy or anything but if you want a next gen system imo the ps4 is the way to go. Most Xbox games cant run games on 1080p. All ps4 games run 1080p.