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SRF Home | SENS Research Foundation - SRF develops and promotes rejuvenation biotechnology - true preventative medicine for the diseases of aging: Alzheimer's, cancer, heart disease and more.

  • http://www.sens.org/about About SENS Research Foundation | SENS Research Foundation - Learn more about SENS Research Foundation's experienced leadership, world-class research advisors and dedicated staff, as well as our financial history.
  • http://www.sens.org/about/about-the-foundation About SENS Research Foundation | SENS Research Foundation - SRF is a 501(c)(3) public charity working to research and promote comprehensive regenerative medicine solutions for the diseases and disabilities of aging.
  • http://www.sens.org/about/video-library Videos | SENS Research Foundation - Explore the SENS Research Foundation video library to see introductory animations, online coursework, presentations from our conferences and much more.
  • http://www.sens.org/about/leadership Leadership | SENS Research Foundation - SENS Research Foundation's experienced executive team are supported by our accomplished board of directors and our world-class research advisors.
  • http://www.sens.org/about/leadership/research-advisory-board Research Advisory Board | SENS Research Foundation - Meet the 28 distinguished scientists who make up SENS Research Foundation's advisory board, and read the Statement of Principles guiding their decisions.
  • http://www.sens.org/about/leadership/board-of-directors Board of Directors | SENS Research Foundation - The entrepreneurs and philanthropists who make up SENS Research Foundation's Board of Directors reflect our commitment to best practice in governance.
  • http://www.sens.org/about/leadership/executive-team Executive Team | SENS Research Foundation - Get to know SENS Research Foundation's experienced executive team: CEO Michael Kope, CSO Aubrey de Grey and Outreach Vice President Jerri Barrett.
  • http://www.sens.org/about/staff Staff | SENS Research Foundation - Browse a list of SENS Research Foundation's dedicated staff and the roles they play in moving towards our goal of a future free of age-related disease.
  • http://www.sens.org/about/organizational-reports Organizational Reports | SENS Research Foundation - Learn about SENS Research Foundation's accomplishments to date with downloadable copies of our Annual Reports, Research Reports, and public tax returns.
  • http://www.sens.org/about/general-faq General FAQ | SENS Research Foundation - Discover the answers to your most frequently asked questions about SENS Research Foundation, our mission, and what you can do to help.
  • http://www.sens.org/research Research | SENS Research Foundation - Learn about our unique preventative approach to age-related disease and the projects we're working on, at our lab and in universities around the world.
  • http://www.sens.org/research/aging-as-weve-known-it Aging as We've Known It | SENS Research Foundation - What exactly is "aging"? Why do terrible chronic diseases like dementia, heart disease and osteoporosis virtually never strike healthy young people?
  • http://www.sens.org/research/aging-as-weve-known-it/the-path-to-a-new-medicine The Path to a New Medicine | SENS Research Foundation - SRF is advancing a new strategy for preventing age-related disease, by repairing the damage that slowly but surely builds up in our bodies over the years.
  • http://www.sens.org/research/introduction-to-sens-research A Reimagined Research Strategy for Aging | SENS Research Foundation - Learn about the seven types of damage that build up during human aging, and the rejuvenation biotechnology that SRF is developing to repair each one.
  • http://www.sens.org/research/introduction-to-sens-research/extracellular-junk AmyloSENS: Removing junk from between cells | SENS Research Foundation - Clumps of worn-out protein interfere with healthy tissue function. AmyloSENS deals with removing them before the clog results in diseases like Alzheimer's.
  • http://www.sens.org/research/introduction-to-sens-research/intracellular-junk LysoSENS: Clearing waste accumulations out of cells | SENS Research Foundation - Our cells constantly recycle their contents, but some waste is just too tough to break down. LysoSENS aims to boost the recycling machinery with new tools.
  • http://www.sens.org/research/introduction-to-sens-research/extracellular-crosslinks GlycoSENS: Breaking extracellular crosslinks | SENS Research Foundation - Our skin and blood vessels become less elastic over time due to a build-up of molecular cross-links. GlycoSENS seeks ways to find and break those links.
  • http://www.sens.org/research/introduction-to-sens-research/cell-loss-and-atrophy RepleniSENS: Replacing lost cells | SENS Research Foundation - Stem cells top up most tissues in our body with fresh new cells throughout life. RepleniSENS fills the gaps that aren't covered by natural replacement.
  • http://www.sens.org/research/introduction-to-sens-research/deathresistant-cells ApoptoSENS: Removing dysfunctional cells | SENS Research Foundation - Cells that are past their expiry date naturally die, but a few types just won't go quietly. ApoptoSENS is about finding and removing these "zombie" cells.
  • http://www.sens.org/research/introduction-to-sens-research/cancerous-cells OncoSENS: Making cancerous mutations harmless | SENS Research Foundation - Cancer turns lethal when its uncontrolled growth outpaces the body's ability to contain it. OncoSENS works to enhance that control with new safety features.
  • http://www.sens.org/research/introduction-to-sens-research/mitochondrial-mutations MitoSENS: Preventing damage from mitochondrial mutations | SENS Research Foundation - Mitochondrial DNA mutations make cells a burden on their neighbours. MitoSENS is designed to provide back-up genes to keep them pulling their weight.
  • http://www.sens.org/research/introduction-to-sens-research/delivery-systems Delivery Systems: Building In Rejuvenation Biotechnologies | SENS Research Foundation - Discover how regenerative medicine techniques like stem cell and gene therapies will be used to make rejuvenation biotechnology accessible to everyone.
  • http://www.sens.org/research/grant-submission-process Grant Submission Process | SENS Research Foundation - SENS Research Foundation welcomes grant proposals from scientists whose research is closely aligned with our work. Learn how to submit your proposal here.
  • http://www.sens.org/research/intramural Intramural Research | SENS Research Foundation - Find out about the two major research projects SENS Research Foundation is conducting at our in-house Research Center in Mountain View, California.
  • http://www.sens.org/research/intramural/the-alt-mechanism OncoSENS: Making cancerous mutations harmless | SENS Research Foundation - ALT is a rare survival mechanism that allows some cancers to escape conventional treatments. We're working to discover how that door can be closed for good.
  • http://www.sens.org/research/extramural Extramural Research | SENS Research Foundation - Learn about the cutting edge research projects SENS Research Foundation is funding in some of the world's most prestigious universities and institutes.

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    Although I am only beginning Chapter 19, I am already in love with this book. It is well planned, suspenseful, and intriguing. The relationship between Holmes and his daughter is well drawn. They complement and challenge one another. I admire the way she gently and subtly gets around him. His determination to keep her at a distance for her protection and his pride in her accomplishments is so within his character. Dr. Watson, is, as always the thoughtful and discreet helpmate and observer. Thumbs up so far.

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