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sex therapist nyc|couples sex therapist|Stephen Snyder MD - Premier AASECT-certified NYC sex therapist and couples' sex therapist. Knowledge and experience make all the difference. New York Magazine Best Doctor.

  • http://www.sexualityresource.com/about-stephen-snyder-md/ sex therapy nyc | sex counseling nyc | Stephen Snyder MD - New York Magazine Best Doctor Stephen Snyder MD - sex therapist with 25 years experience helping NYC individuals and couples with sex + relationship issues.
  • http://www.sexualityresource.com/about-stephen-snyder-md/frequently-asked-questions/ Frequently Asked Questions | Stephen Snyder MD - Sex therapy is just psychotherapy with a focus on sex. But there are major differences between sex therapy + other therapies. Here are answers to some FAQs.
  • http://www.sexualityresource.com/about-stephen-snyder-md/affiliations/ Stephen Snyder MD Professional Affiliations - Sex therapist Stephen Snyder MD's professional affiliations include SSTAR, AASECT, and the faculty of the Icahn School of Medicine at Mt Sinai in New York.
  • http://www.sexualityresource.com/practice/ Sex Therapy NYC | Stephen Snyder MD | My Practice - Finding a sex therapy NYC provider isn't easy, but this website is a good place to start. For 25+ years I've helped men, women, and couples find their way.
  • http://www.sexualityresource.com/practice/sex-therapy-for-women/ Sex Therapy For Women | NYC Sex Therapist - If you think sex and relationships have more to offer you, then I invite you to try Sex Therapy for women. I've had success with hundreds of women patients.
  • http://www.sexualityresource.com/practice/sex-therapy-for-men/ Sex Therapy for Men | Sex Therapist NYC - Sex therapy for men who suffer from ED, performance anxiety, PE, inability to ejaculate, or loss of desire. New York Magazine Best Doctor Stephen Snyder MD.
  • http://www.sexualityresource.com/couples-sex-therapy/ Couples Sex Therapy | Sex Therapy for Couples - Couples sex therapy can help partners heal, re-bond, or just take their sexual relationship to a new level. New York Magazine Best Doctor Stephen Snyder MD.
  • http://www.sexualityresource.com/practice/sex-therapist-ny/ MD Sex Therapist NY | Counseling and Medication for Sex - As an MD sex therapist in NY, I specialize in the most difficult and complex problems. I've worked with over 1,500 men, women, and couples in New York City.
  • http://www.sexualityresource.com/speaking-engagements/ Speaker on Sexual Issues | Sex Therapist NYC - Stephen Snyder MD’s warm, accessible style and impeccable academic credentials have made him a go-to expert in the media and speaker on sexual issues.
  • http://www.sexualityresource.com/blog/ sex blog | sex blogger and sex therapist Stephen Snyder MD - The Sexuality Resource blog is more than just a sex blog: Get the latest articles on sexuality research, sex in society, and new ideas in sexual health.
  • http://www.sexualityresource.com/press/ sex therapist nyc | press | Stephen Snyder MD - NYC sex therapist Stephen Snyder MD on NBC Today, Inside Edition, Men's Health, Women's Health, Cosmopolitan, Elle, The Atlantic, New York Magazine, Glamour
  • http://www.sexualityresource.com/contact-stephen-snyder-md/ Contact Stephen Snyder MD | 115 Central Park West NYC - Sex therapy and relationship therapy consultation in NYC - contact Stephen Snyder MD 212-875-9800. Faculty, Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai
  • http://www.sexualityresource.com/sexual-health-101-a-new-online-resource-for-students/ Sexual Health 101: A New Online Resource for Students - NYC sex therapist Stephen Snyder MD on a new online sexual health resource that helps young adults make sexual decisions based on their authentic feelings.
  • http://www.sexualityresource.com/addyi-flibanserin/ Addyi (Flibanserin): 25 Things You Need to Know - Ask your doctor about Addyi? There aren't many doctors yet who know much about it. Some basics from NYC sex therapist Stephen Snyder MD to get you started.
  • http://www.sexualityresource.com/pink-viagra-7-things-the-new-york-times-got-wrong/ 7 Things New York Times Got Wrong About Pink Viagra - I counted 7 Things the NY Times Got Wrong in their Op-Ed piece on Pink Viagra. The article seemed especially in need of a systematic rebuttal. Here it is.
  • http://www.sexualityresource.com/project/sex-talk-and-the-sexual-self/ Sex Talk and the Sexual Self - Stephen Snyder MD - Sex Talk can be intimidating for people. Sex writer Maria Yagoda asked NYC sex expert Dr Stephen Snyder about how couples can communicate better about sex.
  • http://www.sexualityresource.com/project/is-sexless-marriage-on-the-rise/ Is Sexless Marriage On the Rise? - Stephen Snyder MD - Sexless marriage and sexless relationships may be increasing - and it's often the man who's lost desire. Sophie St Thomas interviews Dr Stephen Snyder.
  • http://www.sexualityresource.com/project/sex-addiction-how-much-is-too-much/ Sex Addiction: How Much is Too Much? - Stephen Snyder MD - How much sex is too much? When might it be a sex addiction? Men's Fitness' Justin DeMarco interviews several sex experts on this controversial topic.
  • http://www.sexualityresource.com/project/the-mystery-of-mens-erections/ Glamour Magazine Gets Interested in Men's Erections - Stephen Snyder MD explains to Glamour's Suzanne Weiss why men so often lose their erections at the worst moment, and why it's usually not a woman's fault.

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  • KM VanZandt - Where do you go when you have a tax question? Lasser's

    Lasser's works for me with its logical, topical organization of the latest information on taxes and its encyclopedic content. I like to read some content for its depth of information & skim other topics. The examples given are very useful & the linsghts re IRS rulings I haven't seen anywhere else.

  • PF Anonymous - Move on nothing to buy here

    Quite honestly it was a waste of money. I tried it several times on different items. Its not relay all that waterproof and definitely not stain proof. When your done you have a rubber cement like film on your item that eventually stains and wears off. I don't know how those videos were made but I never achieved anything like the results they show. I got much better results from scotch guard. SG was easier, cleaner, quicker, and mostly good results.

  • V. Hariharan - For best results, you'll need to clamp down the parts ...

    Works as advertised. Moisten surface, apply glue and let dry. The glue expands quite a bit as it cures, so if you apply too much, you will see a white substance ooze around the area that you are gluing, so apply limited amounts. For best results, you'll need to clamp down the parts you are gluing. Cures in 2 hours.

  • Karen - Great Product-Greedy Company

    Great product-Greedy Company: We are so thankful for this product as it did change our daughter's colic and feeding in 24 hours. However, they changed the product to a new "fluffier" version. This version is harder to scoop to get a good, accurate amount. And, more importantly, there is less in each can. It seems they added fluff to increase the amount of space the product takes up so they can make more money. I emailed them and they claimed that it was a change in manufacturing and they sent me some 2 dollar coupons. But we all know that change was to make more money. Luckily the new "fluffier" version seems to still sit well with my daughter as the ingredients are the same. It just doesn't sit as well with my pocket book and it's beyond disappointing to know a company for children is just out to make money.

  • DR ZEN - Helping with dental issues

    Seems to be helping with tartar and plaque on Max's rear teeth. Have been using about 1 month now along with Vetri-Science perio-support. Gums are much improved, now pink not red, tartar seems softer and has changed color from yellow to dull white. I believe these products in combo are definitely working.

  • Karl - Not worth the upgrade from 2012

    Seems that there's not much improvement and that it's a lot slower than my previous 2012 version of the same program. Quite disappointed. Not worth the upgrade.


    I used this product on my hair (shingling/wash and go) and I did not receive much curl defintion or elongation. On top of that it takes forever and a day to dry. It's also extremely gooey and sticky. I have a lot of hair so I used a good bit but I didn't use way too much either. If it didn't give me the definition that I wanted with a lot then I know it wouldn't have done it with a little. My hair looks a hot mess. Not good for 4a/4b hair. I'll stick to Miss Jessie's!